Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adieu 2011

Today's New Year's Eve has a more profound meaning to it than most New Year's Eve I can remember.  It has truly been a year of life transforming decisions, and whether they had any significance to my life path number, my zodiac signs, my chinese horoscopes or my life foretold by several fortune tellers, I know my life this year has been more than mere coincidences.  It's like I could see how my life, and everyone else's life is fully orchestrated by these invincible hands, working to make sure incidences were interwoven carefully so we fulfil our life's balance at the utmost potential.
The beginnings of this year was filled with tears and heartaches, desiring to have a child of my own has been an ongoing desire for years.  Maybe it's something inside that runs like clockwork, maybe it's the hormones that sends you brain signals, ....I have three young nephews, and out of the three, the other two are real handfuls.  But I love them to bits, they are naughty but lovable in every way.  
When my six months of fertility treatment didn't work, it was days of self pity and blaming everything else.  I guess the one thing that pulled me through was believing I've always pulled through difficult times, knowing truly to name Him as God.  I feel his amazing presence in all things I do, and knowing there's a reason to most things in life.  It's just a matter of looking deep within our hearts.
Facing our inner truth is the most scariest things we could ever do.  Having courage to step out of our fears into the unknown is a quality most of us still thirst for.  I don't even know if I'm really and truly in my utmost truth, but I know at least I've faced some of my devilish and scariest parts of my life.
I looked into my relationships with loved ones, and where there were unhappiness, I addressed them with loving kindness and compassion.  I didn't see any reason to be angry or bitter.  I learn to trust the power within, and in heart, to courageously let go of things that were not meant to be in my travels in this life.  I've learnt that if I truly loved myself, I could never hurt another.  I saw myself in them, and I would want them to find as much peace and happiness as I would want them for myself. 

Eckhart Tolle
The most important, the primordial relationship in your life is your relationship with the Now, or rather with whatever form the Now takes, that is to say, what is or what happens.  If your relationship with the Now is dysfunctional, that dysfunction will be reflected in every relationship and every situation you encounter.  The ego could be defined simply in this way: a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment.  It is at this moment that you can decide what kind of relationship you want to have with the present moment.
" Do I want the present moment to be my friend or my enemy?" The present moment is inseparable from life, so you are really deciding what kind of relationship you want to have with life.

The last 6 months, they are my past and will also play more significance part of my future.  The dreams and nightmares all come from a place of illusion that life is what it is, because we are all part of a big play on a stage.  And how we decide to live our destiny is the big question, do I step out of the play and start my own quest of self truth or do I carry on with the tide and let it carry me where it wants to. Sometimes, you just got to throw yourself off the tangent to see what's on the other side.  I definitely like to play.  I definitely like to take risk to see what can be and not stroll along anymore to the what if's, and instead look into possibilities of the many things that can happen.  Why not? We did them when we were kids, why should we stop now. 

I remember these words, never be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

Two weeks ago, I was told I have polyarthritis.  AND it's not an old person's disease, I just happened to have it.  But it doesn't stop me from living my life the way I want to.  Okay, I might not be able to do certain things but I'm still living freely, I'm still moving, I'm still breathing and I'm so lucky to be where I am, what I am and what I do.  Like dearest Nicole S. always says "Super!!!!"

So, 2011...I bid 'adieu' to you, if I could hug you I would.  You have given me oodles of love, joy, tears, heartaches, sadness, turmoils, adventures, new friends, old friends, old loves, new loves, breathtaking moments, crazy challenges...but I love you still, for teaching me so much.  I greet 2012 with oodles of hope and peace for all to live in light and love. 

"Faith allows us to trust in the present moment as we observe our part in the Divine plan" (N.J Devi)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tango Workshops With Ogie Mendoza

Dates : 3rd, 4th & 5th February 2012
Venue: Yogi Bliss Health Studio
Beginners Workshops -Introduction To Basic Argentine Tango Steps
                                 BND $350 for 6 Total Hours
                                 Per Workshop $116
                                 Scheduled From 4 to 6pm

Intermediate/Adv Workshops BND $450 for 6 Total Hours
                                                    Per Workshop $150
                                                    Scheduled From 1 to 3pm

Private Classes Can Be Scheduled Between 9am and 12.30pm.
Fees at $150 per hr.

If you further enquiries, please contact Elaine at 8846848

Thursday, December 29, 2011

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day. ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas !


              Christmas Bazaar at Yogi Bliss Health Studio
                        Join us on the 18th December from 2pm onwards!
    * Part of the proceeds from the sale will go towards the Bali Orphanage.*

And these are the things you'll get to see and buy.....Accessories, Crystals, Handmade Crafts and Books, Party Dresses, Scarves, Bags, Mince Pies, Cakes and Much More!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cancer Patients Experience Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, as I’m sure you know, provides many benefits for an extremely diverse assortment of physical issues from back and joint pain to stress management and overall well-being. The success millions of people have had with yoga prompted the medical community to take notice of the benefits. Today, many doctors’ (including the Mayo Clinic) recommend a yoga practice to cancer patients. And while yoga does not cure cancer, it does provide several important benefits to cancer patients.

Yoga primarily is beneficial because it relieves many of the symptoms related to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Cancer patients often must undergo these painful treatments, and suffer fatigue and nausea after. However, a mild yoga program relieves the nausea, which is unbearable for many patients and helps maintain patients’ energy. While many still feel fatigued it is to a much, much lesser degree. For cancer patients this is often a very welcome relief.

Yoga has also been shown to increase the number of red blood cells which is particularly important for cancer patients. Regular yoga practice increases the circulation of oxygen carrying blood cells and adequate oxygen supplies are undeniably important in healing the a cancerous body. The improved circulation and increased red blood cells helps the body to heal and keeps the immune system in working shape.

Attitude is also an important aspect of fighting cancer and one many cancer patients struggle with. Because cancer is a devastating disease is often fatal if not treated early it can be difficult for cancer patients to stay positive. Yoga, however, is proven to increase a person's sense of well being and can help patients maintain a positive attitude.

Another of the amazing benefits of yoga is that it can help people sleep better. Sleep is essential to maintaining health during cancer treatments. Furthermore, for cancer patients sleep deprivation can cause emotional and physical breakdowns but yoga can help patients get a restful sleep and feel better throughout the day. 

By Trevor Bradshaw

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tango With Ogie Mendoza

Thank you Ogie Mendoza for coming over to Brunei and gracing us with your 'tango love'.  We've learned so much and we thank the students including teachers who have supported us in the last few days.  There's so much to learn and I'm happy we still have our tango teacher Jhung Saile at Yogi Bliss Studio.  And hopefully, by end April next year, Ogie will come visit us again with more tango moves to teach!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Journey to Remember

"Pilgrim, pilgrimage, and road-it was but myself toward my Self, and your arrival was but myself at my own door" Rumi

My journey into Bali this time round will always be memorable.  I travelled there without expectations, without knowing what I was going to do for one whole week.  Yes, relaxation was 'one to do' on my list, and watching Devdan was the other.  But arriving there was just a relief to my soul.  For some reason, I felt connected to the place, not because of what Bali 'should' be, but my love for everything that resided there. 

I journeyed to places: and as the saying goes," beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", and in my eyes- whether the roads were rubbles, with houses half built, crazy hustles and bustles...I saw 'colors' all around me.  The days greeted me with the morning beauty of the sun, beautifully decorated entrances, lined with pink and yellow frangipannis.  No sunrise wherever I may be, ever fails to impress me with their full light shining into the day.  And if anything else, I felt there was defintely the Divine's making, it's vast power in the mountains, waterfalls and volcanoes I felt in my heart and soul.

I felt as if the spirits of the place were dancing to the stars at night and telling me life  never ceases, it is never born, it is eternal as Sri Krishna had reminded Arjuna of his immortal nature, his real Self. And what a coincidence to be in Bali at the time when there's a full moon festival taking place.  The bright light shining brightly from the moon at night is as if to assure you there's still beauty even in the nights ahead. 

" Dont be afraid your life will end.  Be afraid that it will never begin." Grace Hansen

How would we live if we had no fear in us?  With beautiful landscapes like pictures in books to look at, Bali encouraged me to do things with courage and as if she knows the results might be something spectacular.  And yes, I got more than just spectacular.  Swimming in the reefs with the fishes in Lovina was my highlight.  I would never have done it if I had let my fears overcome me.  I've never been a fond of the sea since my last encounter with it as a kid,  having nearly drowned in the waters before.  But when I jumped into the amazing blue waters of Lovina, I saw the beauty of God's amazing work in the ocean.  Swimming above it felt like flying high in the skies.  For an exchange of mere courage to 'just be', I got more than I could ever ask for. A witness to the extraodinary beauties of the sea.  What a gift!

"What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do know" - Lord Buddha

There are things in my life that still holds me, chained to fear and lack of trying, but I'm learning to pluck up my courage to come into a place of possibilities and results that may liberate me from my comfort zone.

But whichever path I may or have taken, it's the abundance of love that's available all around me as long as I open my heart right out to reach and embrace them whenever I can. 

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray." Rumi

One dear friend always reminded me of the word 'simplicity'.  And for sure, the children in Bali reminds me of the pure joy and happiness you can have with simplicity.  Even though, life can be a little harsh or hard for the little ones there, they have this beaming exude of love shining through their eyes.  With less to possess and if willed ..more to complain, the little ones are still content with little to hold. And I feel like taking a dive in those bright eyes and rediscover their joys of life.

"Look through the eyes of the child, they have more to teach us than we can learn in a lifetime" - Anonymous.

"Always give from the overflow of your well, not from its depth"-Sufi Saying

I've learned there are no limitations to my love, not only for myself but extending them to others without judgement. 

"Through compassion you find that all human beings are just like you" Dalai Lama

Monday, October 3, 2011

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.  (Rumi)

Pre Workshops to Nicole Serrano

Pre Yoga Workshop I & II

Key Words To Remember

Maki & Myself
'Preparing our notes'

How to align in one legged downward dog

Monday, September 26, 2011

                       Argentine Tango Workshop With Ogie Mendoza

Beginners Class
Time:- 1 till 3 p.m
Date:- 27th, 28th, 29th October
Contents:- Academic Basics, Postura (Posture), Abraso (Open/Close Embrace), Entrada and Salida, Ochos (Forward & Back)

Intermediate Advance Class
Time:- 3 till 5p.m
Date:- 27th, 28th, 29th October
Contents:- Axis, Boleo (Front and Back), Sacadas, Barrida

Price Lists:
Beginners Workshops $390 BND  (Inclusive of Milonga Nights 28th & 29th October)
Int/ Advance Workshops $520 BND (Inclusive of Milonga Nights 28th & 29th October)

Per Workshop for Beginners $130
Per Workshop for Int/Adv $173

Venue: Yogi Bliss Health & Spa Studio
Contact: Elaine C at 8846848

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Desiree Rumbaugh in S.E.A 2012

                Event Schedules for Desiree Rumbaugh in South East Asia

Thailand & Cambodia (Tour-December 28th till January 9th)
Hong Kong Pure Yoga (Workshop-Feb 10th till 12th)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Workshop-Feb 14th till 19th)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Workshop-Feb 24th till 26th)
Manilla, Phillipines (Workshop March 2nd till 4th)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yoga Workshops 7th & 8th October 2011


Nicole is a certified yoga instructor & a student of Anusara Yoga. Since discovering yoga in 2005, her practice has transformed greatly with Anusara ~ a school of Hatha Yoga grounded on the uplifting Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness and the sophisticated Universal Principles of Alignment. Her classes are progressive and heart-oriented, inviting students to discover their true goodness. She has trained under the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala, India and is a student of one of the most senior Certified Anusara teachers Desiree Rumbaugh who she wishes to acknowledge with immense appreciation.

She is co-founder of True Yoga in Boracay Island, Philippines where she resides & teaches

7th October 2011
Workshop 1 – The Heart of a Warrior (9.30am till 12pm)
Workshop 2 –  The Key to Hip Opening(3.30pm till 6pm)
8th October 2011
Workshop 3 – How To Backbend With Strength & Grace (9.30am till 12pm)
Workshop 4 – Soar Into Grace.  (3.30pm till 6pm)
Workshop Fees:-      $95 per workshop 
                                    $360 for 4 workshops
Early Bird Discount:-$80 per workshop
                                     $310 for 4 workshops     
The early bird discount applies on or before the 22nd September.
**Open for all levels (Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Students)**
    For more information, please contact Jac at 8930886

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wrist Free-Energy Yoga Flow

Power Yoga-Backbending With Grace

Daily Om by Madisyn Taylor

A Question of Balance
One-Sided Relationships

Relationships can become out of balance and one-sided if we don’t occasionally check in with each other.

One of the most beautiful qualities of an intimate relationship is the give and take of energy that occurs between two people. In the best-case scenario, both people share the talking and listening, and the giving and receiving of support, equally. Occasionally, within any relationship, the balance shifts and one person needs to listen more, or give more. Generally, over a long period of time, even this exception will take on a balanced rhythm; we all go through times when we take more and times when we give more.

However, there are also relationships in which the balance has always felt one-sided. You may have a friend whom you like, but you have begun to notice that the conversation is always about their life and their problems and never about yours. You may also have a friend who seems to require an inordinate amount of support from you but who is unable or unwilling to give much in return. Over time, these relationships can be draining and unsatisfying. One option is simply to end the relationship, or let it fade out naturally. Another option is to communicate to your friend that you would like to create a more equal balance in which your concerns also get some airtime. They may be taken aback at first, but if they are able to hear you, your friendship will become that much more sincere. They may even thank you for revealing a pattern that is probably sabotaging more than one relationship in their life.

A third option is to simply accept the relationship as it is. There are many one-sided relationships that actually work. One example of this is a mentor relationship in which you are learning from someone. Another example is a relationship in which you are helping someone who is sick, disabled, or otherwise needy. In these instances, you can simply be grateful that you are able to help and be helped, trusting that the balance of give and take will even out in the big picture of your life.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't forget the three R's: rest, replenishment and reflection

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meditation In Motion

I must admit....I'm not a person to sit in a place long enough to meditate longer than the minutes I'd be embarrassed to even mention here.  My thoughts tend to squander off in different directions and the slightest noise can just be as distracting.  Some days, I can be better.  But here it is, I am in abundance with peace, when I allow myself to move in my own flow of poses, I know I can reside myself to a place of serenity regardless of place and time.  Feeling completely hypnotise by the sound of my own breath moving in rhythm with the 'asanas' I set myself to.  It feels as if there's a destination where I need to get to in my 'vinyasa' (or 'flow') and the journey I choose to be in, comes from a place of kindness, love, peacefulness and self respect. 

There are times in this practice where I am caught in a place of intensity and  challenged physically and mentally, but after a while, there comes a sense of relief when I know I can break free, let go of my 'asana', my 'ego'  and to exhale whatever I was holding to.  The waves of poses comes gracefully through my body as if my entire being has been guided by a mysterious higher self.  Even when I'm struggling to move in one pose, and my mind says, 'impossible' heart says,'yield,....let go....and I'll show you another way....other possibilities.........'  In the process of letting go, I see the transformation even in the slightest movement of 'just being'  ......The change never stops, it only stops when I lose hope...and that's a place I choose not to be in.

This is my meditation in move in such grace and forgiveness...I lose myself completely to a place of serenity.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There is a saying in Tibetan,"Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength." No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

To practice with grace in your heart

It's good to come to a place where you can roll your mat out and be in a place of complete submersion of a soulful practice that comes from deep within your heart and mind.  Where there's complete awareness of understanding in the waves of motion and breath that moves and synchronises with each other's intentions.  Being able to move with such grace and humility teaches us to flow with our actions and thoughts in life with love and peacefulness.  So when we show ourselves the tenderness and softness of our own actions in any pose, we learn to nurture ourselves in a place of goodness.  And to align and balance ourselves physically when we act on our movements and to release from such standstills at times when we need to.  Such is the beauty in ways that only can be felt when we do our yoga practice with intentions from the heart.
With love and light
Jac :)
                 Yoga Practice Brings Cancer Patients Solace
                                                             By Jillian McKee

A cancer diagnosis such as mesothelioma can bring feelings of shock, anger and betrayal. When treatment begins, the patient can be overwhelmed physically and spiritually and may need the support of a yoga program to get back in balance and may increase life expectancy.

Cancer patients can receive many benefits from yoga. Besides improving the ability to relax, obtain proper sleep and reducing stress, yoga can also improve digestion, posture, joint flexibility and overall physical strength. Many researchers are looking into the long-term effects yoga has on cancer patients and
mesothelioma prognosis.

The breathing technique used in yoga may help patients the most with healing. Breathing deep and from the stomach helps the mind to focus on the postures and find a peaceful place in the mind away from the pain and stress of treatment. Breath work can be the most difficult thing for a patient to learn, as humans have a tendency to breathe from the mouth rather than the nose. Nose breathing brings relaxation while mouth breathing tends to raise anxiety levels.

Yoga is the best form of exercise for people who are physically weakened from chemotherapy and other treatments. Each patient can assess what postures they are capable of and build from there while their strength increases. Many patients report regular yoga improved their overall energy levels and helped them cope with their treatment and find their way to recovery faster.

Cancer patients often think of the
mind and body as being separate and forget that the battle they are valiantly fighting is really against themselves. Yoga can lead the mind to a place of clarity and also help it to get out of the way and allow the physical body to begin healing.

Yoga classes can also provide friendship and support to those fighting cancer and the peace and energy renewal found there can carry over into everyday life.

While most patients will have little to no trouble practicing yoga, they should always check with their health care team to make sure they are truly up to the task. Yoga has many benefits but it is not always suitable in all situations.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Totally Blissed

It has been a busy but lovely week.  One I will keep to remember.  Students have returned back to their yoga practice and I am so happy to see them all again.  Our sessions has been nice and gentle, a great start to our yoga journey together as a 'kula'. 

And once again, I am so touched and moved by the amazing love and support I've had from all my family, friends and importantly, my students.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to Yogi Bliss Health & Spa Studio

Today has been a special day for me,my family, students and friends. The day started off with bouquet of flowers from friends and students, it was just amazing to receive such gifts. The colours of the flowers filled the studio with such an ambience of excitement in the air and fresh start! The turnout was great.  (Dear all) Thanks for coming and for bringing food too! And am so glad to see you all again for our first yoga session today.

And I must say 'thank you' to everyone in my life.  It wouldn't have been if it wasn't for your love, support and encouragement.  Where I didn't think I get by after my last studio, D'Music Motion Studio opened their doors to me so that I could continue teaching yoga.  They have been well accommodating and helpful when needed.  I had such fun working with the staff in D'Music Motion Studio and I will miss you all.  But thank you to DMM management for such hospitality.

And I am still grateful to the people that gave me an initial start to my yoga journey as a teacher.  Thank you again to Elaine, my sister, my mum, my husband and Jacqui for helping me through the first part.  The faith and believe you had in me has carried me through and I will always remember it.

Also, wow!!!! Thank you for the fridge and coffee maker, guys! Am very grateful for the endless support and again, the generosity shown by you, the students.  (Okay, okay....we'll have tea, cakes and yoga....ssshhhhhh!)

P.S ....Thank you Heulwen for giving me so much.  It could have been, but you made it even more so for me.  I've been blessed because you have.

By the way, free classes for the next 10 days.  So, if you're interested in doing yoga, drop by and visit us. :)