Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beginners Yoga For Early Birds

I'm starting a yoga session at 8.30am every Monday and Wednesday starting 11th May, purely for beginners. If you would love to join us, let me know. The classes are conducted at D'Music Motion Fitness Studio in Kiarong (Near to Mood Living, or Lim Seck Cheong sundry shop). See you soon!!

Nasty Bugs !

Mexico City: A couple wearing masks kiss in the street
Mexico City: A street vendor takes advantage of the outbreak by selling face masks
Mexico City: A soldier hands out surgical masks in the Zocalo plaza
Mexico City, Mexico: A mariachi wears a mask as he plays the violin

Mexico City, Mexico: A woman gets her throat checked by medical personnel before entering a bar

Mexico City, Mexico: Police officers wearing a surgical masks at the entrance to the metropolitan cathedral

It feels like a 'de ja vu' of bird flu, apparently you catch it just like you would do if someone else has a flu. It supposedly varies in severity, with the worst cases leading to fatal pneumonia and respiratory failure. The new strain seems to be more lethal to those in the 25 to 45 age range - an ominous sign, as this was a hallmark of the Spanish 1918 flu pandemic that killed tens of millions worldwide. Younger people were probably hit harder by the 1918 flu virus because their immune systems over-reacted
The face mask I see in the pictures gives a false sense of security. They are 'paper tissue like' and if you wear it for one whole hour, the mask gets moist and wet around your mouth. ( I would know having to wear those darn things when I was nursing the ill) Unless you have bought yourself a whole box of face masks and change it every hour, then you might be okay. Even then, it's not a 100 percent preventative measure. The better face mask is the surgical face mask which the surgeons wear in theatres. And that, I add 'better', not 100 percent. I used to place two clinical face mask (which are the ones they are handing out) and then the surgical mask on top, if there was a flu bug going around the ward.
If you're interested to read more on swine flu, click here

Friday, April 24, 2009

Super Gran !

Got this post from Yee Man and I was flabbergasted at super duper nan doing the crow pose. This is Bette Calman at 83 years old from south east Australia, she still practices yoga and I can't believe she's still doing arm balancing poses. If you want to look at more pics, read all about her here

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surya Yoga at Muara Beach

Took the Maktab Sains School students to the beach this morning. The weather was nice and there was a cool breeze while we were practising. It's so nice when you practice yoga outdoors. Ahhhh, c'est la vie!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bon Voyage Jules and Happy Birthday Kaye !!!

Jules gift (the pics in the gorgeous frame) with Kaye's birthday/bon voyage cake to Jules.

Candy's work of art......Love the cake Candy, Thanks a million for it!!

Stuart with his lovely hair trying to meditate with the cake in mind

Hugs and wishes

Kaye: Sorry Jules, Stuart's still in a meditative trance, seeking higher assistance in,"Should we cut this cake or not?"

Stuart: Aaauuummmmm, ccccuuuuttttt the kk kk ....cake!!!!

It was Kate's birthday today and Jules last yoga lesson with us. I was sad to see her leave but am glad to have her as my yoga student for the past 8 months.

We started the morning off with a gentle yoga flow and then headed off to the kitchen for teas and coffees with the birthday/bon voyage cake Candy made us. The cake was gorgeous! Everyone was impressed with the design and believe me, it taste real good. Kaye didn't want to cut the cake, we all wanted to slice off the top bit to frame it !

I was very touched by Jules gift, she and Stuart made a collage of different pictures taken in Tasek Lama and placed it in a nice frame. I couldn't have ask for a better gift, and I can only wish Jules and Stuart the best in everything they do.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

News from the other side of the world

I came across this article from the The New Zealand Herald, it seems to have more to say on Lee Jefford's story. If you are interested, click here

Satya (The Truth)

Today's front page on Borneo Bulletin read, "Local woman held in hit and run case". The paper read the charges;

'The suspect will be charged under Section 31 of the Road Traffic Act for failing to stop and render assistance in an accident, which carries a fine of $8,000 and a year of imprisonment and another charge under section 33 (2) for failing to report to the police within 24 hours, which carries a fine of $2,000.

She could also face another charge under Section 27(1) of causing death by reckless or dangerous driving, which carries a fine of $20,000 and seven years' imprisonment.'

I think the charges can only mean 'something' if it means bringing 'closure' to Lee's incident, especially for her family and friends. I hear some say the charges wouldn't compensate the life lost. I agree. But the 'truth' has surfaced, that's 'something' at least.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Revealing The Truth

I hadn't realise that Lee Jefford's incident took place quite close to the end of Muara Highway heading off to Berakas. It is the route that I take daily from home to town nearly every day. The bouquet of flowers laid by the side of the barriers are a sad reminder of the carelessness of some drivers and the consequences of their reckless driving. This incident has irrevocably changed the lives of the Lee's family and that of driver's family.
This past week has just been a constant reminder to me, my friends and my family of Lee's passing. I have never encountered Lee before, but hearing and reading about the tragedy in the papers has made me sad, angry, anxious but hopeful for a just resolution for Lee and her family. I know one thing for sure, the Bruneian police have excelled in their determination to find the driver. A hit and run elsewhere in the world would probably have taken much longer to solve or at worst, not at all. Hats off to the police officers!
I can't imagine what Lee's family is going through and my thoughts and prayers are with them. One thing that has frustrated my friends and I is this.
Reading some of the local blogs, we have been shocked at the irresponsibility of some comments posted on the blogs by anonymous guests.
Before the police had released information about the identity of the driver, comments were left as to the probable race of the driver on a few local blogs. I believe in speaking the truth. I believe in 'ahimsa' (in Sanskrit, it means to do no harm'). All religions teach peace, kindness and fairness in our attitudes and treatment of one another.
How can we move closer to racial harmony and a united nation when an incident like Lee's has set off some readers (sorry guys, not going to name the blog) ranting and bashing about their conviction that the driver "must" be a Chinese woman?!!
Yes, the blog sites exist to permit private individuals to speak with a measure of freedom of speech. But freedom of speech comes with an unspoken duty to speak and think with intergrity, with a code of ethics, with fairness.
I'm a Chinese woman. This racial bashing left me feeling sad and it made me feel deeply uncomfortable. I love my country, I believe in the integrity of the people of my country.
If you are going to speak out loud and write trashy stuff, then at least have the right convictions and evidence to condemn and accuse before following blindly into the wave of crowds that may head off in the wrong direction.
We are all angry at what has happened in the midst of all these frustrations, but we must be able to move forward. Could this incident change the mindset of drivers to drive cautiously? Could the government do something like installing speed cameras?
Be constructive, not destructive.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Keep fit while you're pregnant

Interesting read, click here for more

Country Patch and Power Rangers

Yum, had tuna sandwich with kidney beans at Country Patch coffee shop today. The french fries were srumptious and yes, I know how unhealthy it is but giving in to your cravings once is 'devilish' nice. If you ever visit Country Patch, try their 'trio ice tea'. Even their washrooms were tidy and clean, there was even a magazine to read! I reckon it's probably the only public lavatory that's usable and comfortably clean to use amongst all the other cafes. Nice work Country Patch! :0) Talking about food, is it my imagination or has Fleur's reduced their food portion by more than a quarter. I think some of the food were overpriced, especially the sandwiches. I would probably just go for the carrot cake if I'm there.
Have been organising my trip to Hong Kong for the yoga conference. Little did I know the hotel stays are so pricey even for three stars rating. Ai ya yai! It took me an hour to google through some websites to find reasonable prices, stumbled on Harbour View Hotel which cost $111(BND) per night (not inclusive of breakfast. am going to bring my weetabix and carton of milk). Friends were laughing when I told them I was going to write to the organisers of yoga conference to defer their next event in Bali instead. I don't know, would it be cheaper in Bali?
Just to note to all, I'm organising a yoga outing for the Maktab Sains students next Friday on the 24th April at 8.30am at Muara Beach. Feel free to join us if you like. There's probably 10 of the school students joining us that day.
To end, my little nephew Max saw his mum all dressed in red t-shirt and shorts, said," Mummy, you look like my red power ranger." cute....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Heartfelt wishes

It was a solemn yoga practice with my students this morning. I wasn't sure what to say to them, as you would try to in so many ways to comfort them. How do you comfort somebody who's lost a dear friend? Being a nurse of so many years, I still have no words to say but to 'be there' just for 'them'.

Lee Jefford and her family lived in Brunei for a good number of years. She was hit by a car yesterday morning while cycling down the road and was in a fatal condition. She passed away not long after. The incident was a hit and run. The police has launched an appeal for witnesses to come forward.

Brunei is a small place with close communities. So everyone would know one or the other. My yoga students knew Lee. One of them in particular was Lee's friend. What do you truly say at a time like this except give a 'comfort' hug or your heartfelt sympathy touch on the shoulder?

I wasn't aware of Lee's passing till I got to the class. Even before we start, the atmosphere was somber. My voice tried to reach out to comfort while teaching but even then I just felt sad myself that another life is lost. I myself lost a dear friend in a car accident a few years back and even now, I still think of her. It was hard on us as friends and I can't really say till now, that I have 'let go'. The memories still stays.

The class ended shortly after as I didn't felt focused enough to continue.

I think it's okay to 'not be okay' about losing someone. To grieve and have some space and time to feel sad about it. There are no reasons to why some things happened, but to just continue with your love and appreciation for the lives lived, have lived and still lives.
My heartfelt wishes and prayers to Lee and her family.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is Happening with the Knowing?

My parents returned back from Bangkok last night and they bought some dvds. Borrowed The Knowing with Nicholas Cage and was excited to watch it since most of his movies are pretty good. The start of the movie had a good intro and the suspense build up throughout the movie until out of nowhere, aliens showed up. I mean what the 'ding dang dong' was that about? For those who are not sure what the movie's all about, let me fill you in on it. It starts with this young girl in the 1970's (who looks like Carrie possessed) writing out sentences of numerals on paper. The paper was later found in a time capsule about 50 years later by Nicholas Cage and his son. The numerals turns out to be a code of all major events or catastrophe that has happened in the fifty years. Cage finds out that there are more tragedies to take place unless he tries to stop it. The events starts taking place coincidentally where he's at and he tries to find a way to save himself and his son from the last major event. Yes, you guess it.....the end of the world.......But it feels like the writer and director couldn't be bothered about how the movie ends, they threw in the aliens just for laughs. That's 2 movies in a row that is so unbelievably disappointing, The Happening and The Knowing. Please don't let there be another movie using the present tense unless it's called The Joking.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yoga Retreat June 09

Here's another yoga retreat I found for yogi's and yogini's enthusiasts.

Click here if you're interested for a retreat in Langkawi
Or if you like, click here for Cameron Highlands

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Under the weather

I am just bunged up, can't breathe, have used 3 boxes of tissues and 2 toilet rolls. Hubby woke up with unpleasant surprise to find our bed covered with tissues and empty box of strepsils. He's decided to invest in a facemask airborne free of my colds. I retired to sticking two small tissues up my nostrils last night after being fed up of having to blow my sore nose to pieces. Lucky me, hubby was in deep sleep.

Well, being housebound, I have been spring cleaning the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Found some lost items, discovered horrible bits of food in odd corners, am astounded at how much rubbish we have in the kitchen, and flabergasted at how much skin we shed to make up for the dust on the shelves. I have a 'Monica' tendency to clean everything once I start, I don't stop. Peter really believes I have been a squirrel in my past life, pottering around gathering my 'nuts' and 'shells' for the winter. I told him he probably reincarnates as a snail since he takes his sweet time to eat his meal.

Oh ho ho, get this, little Nadia was doing her homework, and she had to rhyme words to cat, bat, mat and man. She got stuck at man, when all of a sudden she shouted,"I got it!! Man rhymes with nan nan" For those who don't speak hokkien, 'nan nan' means a woman's breasts. My sis had to keep a straight face and told her to rethink again.

It's very funny and interesting when you hear little children speak to each other. The things they say just doesn't stop surprising you day by day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yogini Nomad & Telly Tubbies

Here, there, everywhere, teaching in the park, school, studio....feel like a travelling nomad. I should have got me a trailer, all the 'b.o' I must have been carrying around. I kinda' like the freedom of just teaching in my own time. It feels great not to be tied down to billion classes in one day. Feel much more refresh and alert with what I do. At least I'm not doing yoga lessons in my sleep anymore.

Other than that,have been checking facebook. What in the world is going on with that silly thing? Why does it have to show what everyone is doing every second of the day? Seriously, we don't need to know what you're eating to if you're using the loo. Well, unless you're going to be descriptive. Talking about poos, my little nephew Max was on the potty and my sis was getting a little impatient waiting for the poor little bug to finish. When she asked, Max just said," I think Mr Poo is a bit shy to come out." .......Peter thought it was not funny when I told him over dinner. Did you ever see the x'mas poo episode in South Park with Stan?

Oh yes, saw Izan just yesterday in Country Patch. Seems like that's her favourite breakfast spot. She's got a new hair do with a shade of blue to it. Needless to say, Izan did some balancing poses in the middle of the coffee shop and yes Izan, you should come do yoga!!!

hee! hee! I told Peter about me wanting to attend this training from Paul Dalaghan who follows under Pattabhi Jois. His reply was," What....?? Telly tubbies??? You want to be trained by telly tubbies?" ........"NO I SAID Pattabhi Jois!!!NOT Telly Tubbies!!!!!"

Poos and Telly Tubbies, my week of discovering human's nature of conversation..........

See ya later alligators!