Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't Touch This !!!

I thought to myself, hmmm, very bored with my blog's template, I will find ways to enhance the pictures, colors or something magik......My itchy hands started tampering with the 'html' thingy magik. The caution and advice given by the website was to save the old template as text file in notepad. I think to myself,"Hmmm, notepad? What's wrong with microsoft word?". So, clever me, went and save it in microsoft word.

I googled the search engines for nice templates and ya, I loved the other options. So, ya, like a silly clueless yogini, I paste the new found template into the 'edit box' my horror, nothing came out. It was just a blank page on the screen preview.

I tried pasting my old template html from microsoft word into the 'edit box' again and it was even worse, preview of the blog showed CRAZY WORDS, all muddled up!

"PETER BYFORD!!!!!!WAKE UP".....Ya, that was me screaming into poor hubby's ear at 1.30am in the night. I had too many cuppa coffees yesterday. The poor man didn't know what hit him cause he just bolted out of bed as if the house caught on fire.

"My blog site is totally gone. It disappeared. IT HAS BEEN EATEN UP BY AN INVISIBLE FORCE. You HAVE to do something!!!!" said me while shaking him viciously around the shoulders.

"What have you eaten tonight? Am I dreaming this?"said sleepy hubby.

" IF you don't wake up this minute and fix my blog, I will cook you for curry tonight. DO SOMETHING!!!" (Okay, I'm usually not that mean but I was panicking!)

So poor hubby had a look and all he could say was," Jac, were you just simply pressing buttons and hoping you will magically get a nice template for your blog? Why did you EVEN used microsoft word when it told you to use notepad?"

"I just thought they're both the same as each other. Aren't they?"I said while looking at him like a child with a broken toy. In my heart, I prayed really hard that somehow Peter would work his magic IT talent to retrieve everything back to normal.

He had a real fiddle with the templates for 1 hour, and everytime he looked over at me, I squirmed and sank deeper into the sofa, hoping to disappear into the chair.

"Sweetie, .......(his little pause of not saying something was a real killer!) I think you have to start all over again. ...."

I was little bit tearful, and looked at the part of the templates that Peter managed to retrieve back for me. He managed to save the posts only.

"Okay, I won't cook you for probably UFC me if I tried anyways"

So, we both went to bed, with me feeling all cheesed off with myself. I thought to myself, I will wake up early and rewrite all the schedules, so forth and so on into the blog again. Goodness knows how long that would take..........

BUT GUESS WHAT!!!! I woke up early and decided to repair my website. I played around with the template and by some miracle, I don't know what I pressed or touch (cause I did fiddle around with the templates in my old blog again) and VOILA!!!!! My old template returned back to me......................................WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, maybe some of you saw an empty blog site last night, some of you may saw half a website very late last night till this morning ......but now, you see good ol' yoga at heart back at track again.

Okay, so it's not exactly Leonardo Da Vinci's work of art template but you know what, I ain't going to upgrade it. Reading those HTML business is like speaking a whole lotta foreign language to me.

But even when my brain say don't touch the template button again, I was desperate to get my blog, yes, I did fidget with the template once more.

Yes, some people say women never seem to remember the pain they went through the last time. Otherwise, they won't go through child labour time and again.........

Will cook Peter a nice curry with a lot of love tonite............. :P

No regrets, just passion and courage

Yoga is generally still an issue in Malaysia and I can only hope the matter will resolve in a peaceful manner.

I was very anxious and angry when I first heard Malaysia's plan to ban Muslims attending yoga lessons. But later, I realised, I didn't need to. Even when I did have muslim yoga students questioning their practice with me and some have sadly decided to stop coming to my classes, I have not taken it personally. Yoga has been a personal practice to me and I am very glad share it with all my other students. I have made a leap from nursing to this amazing job as a yoga teacher and have not regretted making that change. Whatever comes my way, should it meant a change my career due to unforseen circumstances, then I will always find a way to do other great things. I believe in abundance. There are far worse things out there in the world that I feel a blessing to have already achieve what I have done with myself and in life.

I came across Ninie Ahmad yoga instructor diaries blog site and think it's great her passion lies in yoga. She also has very interesting comments on yoga and the effects it has on her faith and religion. Kudos to her for standing up for her rights as a muslim yoga teacher. Just maybe not so keen on a photo of herself doing a certain rude gesture. I know she's frustrated, but the best thing to do is have an open invitation yoga class to the opposers and clear out their misconceptions about yoga.

I too have been judge by my own faith (christianity) about yoga as a cult. I was probably as mad as Ninie A about it, but now, I just shrugged it off. I believe yoga is a growing industry in places like Brunei, Malaysia, Phillippines, Japan and Jakarta. The word 'growing' as in early days. Yoga is still in a nutshell to a lot of people here and I do believe it's the misunderstandings and general 'fear' of not knowing is the main problem for the strong accusations against yoga.

Soooo, I do think as yoga teachers, we have a duty like any other teachers, to teach with an open heart with patience and compassion for the less non-enthusiasts. So, let's teach with courage rather than anger or fear.

I do wish Ninie all the best and hopefully she carries on with her yoga teaching........

Ps. If you are interested in reading Ninie's blog, click