Monday, April 13, 2009

Heartfelt wishes

It was a solemn yoga practice with my students this morning. I wasn't sure what to say to them, as you would try to in so many ways to comfort them. How do you comfort somebody who's lost a dear friend? Being a nurse of so many years, I still have no words to say but to 'be there' just for 'them'.

Lee Jefford and her family lived in Brunei for a good number of years. She was hit by a car yesterday morning while cycling down the road and was in a fatal condition. She passed away not long after. The incident was a hit and run. The police has launched an appeal for witnesses to come forward.

Brunei is a small place with close communities. So everyone would know one or the other. My yoga students knew Lee. One of them in particular was Lee's friend. What do you truly say at a time like this except give a 'comfort' hug or your heartfelt sympathy touch on the shoulder?

I wasn't aware of Lee's passing till I got to the class. Even before we start, the atmosphere was somber. My voice tried to reach out to comfort while teaching but even then I just felt sad myself that another life is lost. I myself lost a dear friend in a car accident a few years back and even now, I still think of her. It was hard on us as friends and I can't really say till now, that I have 'let go'. The memories still stays.

The class ended shortly after as I didn't felt focused enough to continue.

I think it's okay to 'not be okay' about losing someone. To grieve and have some space and time to feel sad about it. There are no reasons to why some things happened, but to just continue with your love and appreciation for the lives lived, have lived and still lives.
My heartfelt wishes and prayers to Lee and her family.