Monday, August 22, 2011

Meditation In Motion

I must admit....I'm not a person to sit in a place long enough to meditate longer than the minutes I'd be embarrassed to even mention here.  My thoughts tend to squander off in different directions and the slightest noise can just be as distracting.  Some days, I can be better.  But here it is, I am in abundance with peace, when I allow myself to move in my own flow of poses, I know I can reside myself to a place of serenity regardless of place and time.  Feeling completely hypnotise by the sound of my own breath moving in rhythm with the 'asanas' I set myself to.  It feels as if there's a destination where I need to get to in my 'vinyasa' (or 'flow') and the journey I choose to be in, comes from a place of kindness, love, peacefulness and self respect. 

There are times in this practice where I am caught in a place of intensity and  challenged physically and mentally, but after a while, there comes a sense of relief when I know I can break free, let go of my 'asana', my 'ego'  and to exhale whatever I was holding to.  The waves of poses comes gracefully through my body as if my entire being has been guided by a mysterious higher self.  Even when I'm struggling to move in one pose, and my mind says, 'impossible' heart says,'yield,....let go....and I'll show you another way....other possibilities.........'  In the process of letting go, I see the transformation even in the slightest movement of 'just being'  ......The change never stops, it only stops when I lose hope...and that's a place I choose not to be in.

This is my meditation in move in such grace and forgiveness...I lose myself completely to a place of serenity.


Kari said...

Oh Jac, you look absolutely fantastic in your "meditation in motion", the asanas are perfect!! I tend to do the same as you, but working hard at sitting in meditation longer each time. I don't mind if my mind wander, I just gently bring it back to my mantra, my breath again and again.....
Love to you, dear friend

Jac said...

Thanks Kari, it is really a place of inner contentment when I'm on my mat....and yes, I'm still working on my sitting meditation too.... :)