Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rest & Recovering

My days this week has been filled with loads of fluid, endless swallows of vitamin c's, paracetamol and bed rest. Just when I thought I had recovered, my face bloated up like hamster. I woke up one morning and the right side of my cheek had a little pouch sticking out from underneath. PANICKED!!!!!! Went to the clinic down the road and before I could say anything to the doc, he said," What's up with your face???!!" .....Thanks DOC!!!!.....sigh.....I told him I had a cold, which later he told me it must be a build up of bacteria collecting in the throat gland where the white cells are fighting off the infection.....At that moment,..... I picture little Gandalf's and little Merry,Pippin,Sam and Frodo fighting the bugs for me.....I realised I must have digested too much vit c thinking about LOTR.
Yes, I did look like the hamster in the above picture for the last two days, swollen glands and all..

Came across this and am well pleased to know a hunk like Josh Lucas is doing yoga too. Good for him!!!
Remember him? Who wouldn't? He was in Sweet Home Alabama and A Beautiful Mind. Fine actor. Apparently he does a bit of kundalini yoga right now, a switch from bikram yoga. A good reason to be a yoga teacher in hollywood right now. ........ahem.....Let's hope Pete's not reading this blog today....

Speaking of kundalini yoga, if you're interested to do a bit of it, well, you have to try out Maya Fiennes. Her yoga workout on dvd is brilliant, it's effective, a little bizarre but doable. Again you might have to order it online from amazon.

Other thoughts for the week, why do people buy expensive branded goods? From handbags that cost above $500 to macaroons at $7414(US) . ...why? why? why?