Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Sister's Keeper

My head feels heavy like lead. The cold is so bad I can't even breathe properly, it feels like there's superglue stucked in my nasal. I have tried blowing my nose, but feels like I'm blowing half my brain out everytime I do it. The goo is stuck! I have been told to drink plenty of fluid to keep hydrated which is what I have done the whole of yesterday and today, making plenty of visits to the loo. It feels pretty frustrating unable to get rid of the cold. I have made promises to friends I will visit them during 'hari raya'. Have to cancel them now, don't want to sneeze and cough all over them. Suppose to be spread the cheer, not the germs.
Then again, it's not been all that bad. I had time to catch up with my last read on Jodi Picoult's book called,"My sister's keeper". I didn't get to finish it when I was in Langkawi with all the yoga activities taking place. So, I decided to put my comfy socks on, snugged in bed, with my cup of lemon tea nearby, I continued reading where I left off. The book tells of Anna, a donor to her sister's unfortunate illness, leukaemia. Anna has been born for the purpose of saving her sister's (Kate's) life, as her parents have told her, and have been so as she grew older to age thirteen. Anna's mum, Sara has her life revolved around her daughter's illness. Then there's Jesse, Anna's older brother. He's rebellious and a troublemaker. Sara's husband Brian tries to keep the peace in the family. He's supportive of the family's decision, he tries to be. The story tells how Anna comes to a decision that's both heartbreaking to herself and her family in regards to her sister's illness. Jodi Picoult has written the novel so well in ways when you read, you could self relate yourself to each and every character in the book. It's hard to take anybody's side while reading, all the characters have their reason to everything they do and why they do it. This book is a very good read and very hard not to continue reading till the last page. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for something real and heartfelt.
It felt as if you were so close to the characters, as if you were listening to their conversations closeby. I learned to love each character, no matter what they think, say or do. They were real in the book, they probably are in real life.
The issues in the book are things I haven't thought of in relation to a donor's opinion, or in an opinion of a sick mother. Not in the depth Jodi Picoult has written.
I would definitely pick another Jodi Picoult book any day.
My cold's a bit better today then yesterday. But don't think I can make house visits. Have text message my friends. Peter's home with me but fast asleep. He sleeps much more than I do. Although he would argue he doesn't have enough rest most times. I think men just generally need more sleep than women. Perhaps we'll just take it easy and just watch a bit of TV. Peter will probably fiddle the playstation 3 he borrowed from a friend. As long as he doesn't sit and play at it all day long. Hopefully.