Thursday, November 27, 2008

Really, Why are the Chinese skinny?

Just came across this article from the Straits time and British writer Lorraine Clissold set out to discover what it was that kept the Chinese so skinny when they were eating large, delicious meals, while she and her British and American counterparts were suffering on bland salads and still not managing to lose weight.

Overall, she came to conclusion Chinese eat meals that are nutritious with vegetables as a 'must' for most dishes at dinner tables. Also the meals are simple but tasty at the same time. She went on to say most chinese people eat things to nourish the whole body, rather than being concerned with just its outer shape, which is the case with many Western diet regimes.

Surprisingly, Clissold made a research and her findings was that the Chinese actually consume 30 per cent more calories than Westerners but stay 20 per cent slimmer, a claim originally made by T Colin Campbell in The China Study, a comprehensive survey that examined the link between diet and disease in China and other countries.

If you are interested to read more about it, visit this site


I was on my way to meet a friend for breakfast at the Country Patch coffee house but decidedly made a detour to the pet shop to get some fresh aquatic plant for my fishes in the studio. Was looking around the shop and was admiring the little 'Nemo' fishes (okay, I have no idea what is the correct name for this little cuties but I still think they are gorgeous) when something else caught my attention. There were two tiny terrapins in a huge fish tank. One was on it's back and wasn't moving. The other perched on a wooden plank and was dry as burnt lobster. And yes, being an ICU nurse came into reflex action, I cried out to the shopkeeper and said, " Have you been looking after the terrapins? Do you know one of it is probably dead?" The guy looked at me as if I was a mad woman on hot wheels. He lifted the one on it's back and true enough it was dead.

The other one was barely moving and looked as if it was dried out. The shell was super soft and I was nearly in tears. I bought him at full price regardless and rushed to the studio. I set him in a small porridge bowl and called him Lucky. I don't know whether he'll survive or not, but better something then trying nothing at all.

I called Peter up, who was still asleep at home, " Peter, get to the studio, you need to babysit Lucky. I found him in the pet shop and he doesn't look well. Please come!"

"Have you had too many coffees again? You're talking strange."

I was even more worked up after," Look, he doesn't look well. I need you to come over and give him some tender loving care. I need to meet up with a friend for a while."

" should be named Lucky and for me to be crazy to say yes to this."

"....(in my head, I was thinking...I know) I know..."

I told Elaine (my cousin) to keep an eye on it while Peter made his way to the studio. While having breakfast with my friend, I couldn't stop thinking about Lucky. After breakfast, I rushed back to the studio. He was looking a bit better.

Cross fingers, little lucky will be lucky to see through the week.

Thank Goodness it's Friday ........80's and 90's

Thank goodness it's Friday. Technically my day off. Ahhhhh. It's really weird. I would have thought all this yoga, teaching five classes maximum in one day would really send my muscles in SOS mode. In fact, I feel good. Well, okay except for yesterday. I was knackered. I felt as if my body was twice it's size and I wasn't able to keep my head upright. The feeling of knowing it's Friday soon is a sheer bliss.

Hmmmm, Izan was playing a couple of boy band music the other day. I was just recalling the boy bands I fancied back then. Ya, you guess right. I loved NKOTB. They were so cute then. It drove my family nuts that I was playing their music everywhere. Even when my dad was driving, I would reach out from the back seat and shove my NKOTB into the cassette player. His comment would be, " Every song is girl, girl, girl, girl. This you also like ah?" I would nod my head vigorously and smile from east to west. My favourite guy was Jonathan Knight. Oh, not to forget Tommy Page. What's that song again? Paintings in my mind. Alzheimer's has not set in just yet.

What else was so 80's and 90's? Curly hairs, puffy sleeves, Jane Fonda, big sun glasses, plastic bangles (they have been in fashion until now), big granny pants, bermuda pants, Tiffany, Reebok, glitters in the face and hair..........(not that I ever did it myself...ahem....) I am sure there would be a lot more than this......K, will continue this a bit later. Gotta go. Class to teach.........Here we go with a few more warrior poses.................................