Friday, October 24, 2008

Hoorah, the weekend is here

Ahhhhhh, Sunday's just around the corner. I love Sundays. Even if I have to get bright and early at 4.30am to get ready for our yoga event at Tasek Lama. But I am looking forward to it. Jen and Fui have been around at the studio today and we were thinking of doing some photo shoots by the waterfall after the session. It was fun messing around the studio, figuring out what poses we could or couldn't do. The lessons today were fun too. We did some partnering poses and played around with some arm balancing poses. That's what I love about yoga, we can explore our inner selves while we are meditating and practicing but the best part is to have a laugh with it too.

Besides yoging (if there's such a word as that.....oooooh, just googled it and there are people using the word 'yoging' for practicing yoga), have been lazing about in the studio, watching movies on the laptop. Meet the Fockers was funny. Love Barbara Streisand and Robert DeNiro. They are such good actors! I wasn't very keen on Max Payne. Just thought some parts were very weird and not much of a storyline to follow. Very confusing in the first part of the movie. Embarassingly, I have been watching Gossip Girl. As much as I don't like the title or the thought of it, I bought it since there wasn't much new movies about on the big screen. But so far, love the series. It's very teenage like but ahhh, who cares! I think I'm still childlike at heart most times.

Now at home, having finished dinner. My dad cooked dinner and he made some Japanese Sweet Potatoes with salad, a big pot of home made pumpkin soup (Peter's favourite), and yum yum........he also bought me some 'tarap' ......ahhhhhh, spoilt for choices.....

Well, am going to sign off and watch The Rock with Peter. ................see ya later, alligators.........

Gorgeous boys, Max & Gabriel

My nephew Max, playing hide and seek.
This is Max with his recent haircut.

This is Max's little brother Gabriel at 3 months plus. He is absoloodley gorgeous.