Thursday, September 10, 2009

8.30 a.m-thanks to the call

8.20 a.m Woke up by my dear sister's overseas phone call.  Missing her and the little rascals, wish she was back in Brunei  
8.30 a.m Snugged back into bed, looked over at my yoga mat leaning against the bedroom door (placed it there to remind me to practice)....Mind says 'yes, let's do it' ...Body says,' need to sleeeeeepppppp'..... Mind says,' come on, surprise yourself, you'll feel better after' ........Body says,' Mind is crazy, don't listen to her, better to be in bed then doing DFD'  ......Mind says,'Jac, stop wasting time talking to yourself...just get out of bed and do it!'
8.40 a.m  Rolled my mat out, played Benji & Heather's Shantala music for a little motivation, sat on my mat and started mimicking a cat's stretch, and some weird animal the ones that just woke out of hibernation.
8.50a.m ....Humming along to Benji & Heather's music..Going into Uttanasana, stretching legs out.....and reached all the way up to stand in Tadasana..ahhh, already feeling a little more energise.
9 a.m  Surya Namaskara in it's first round........then, second....third...
9.30 a.m  Feeling the divinity in each pose...breathe...flow.....ahhhhhh
9.40 a.m  Taking the practice further with arm balances, urdva danurasana
9.50 a.m  My new favourite, handstand (with the wall of course) Hellooo world in it's upside down state......we all feel that sometimes..
10 a.m    Shavasana..................yummy
10.10 a.m   Sitting in Siddasana......contemplating inner self, thinking, listening, just be, meditate, bliss.......hmmmm
10. 25a.m  Saying my thanks and gratitude in silence for the practice. Om namah shivaya
10.30 a.m  Ready for the 'gifts' of the day.........   :o)

Rasberry Cheesecake + Angst & Worries

I think it is easy to call a place 'home' when the people you're around with are filled with ease and calmness.  You wished it just last forever.  Of course the universal plan throws you off the tangent from the so called perfect moment and digs a pit hole for you to crawl out from, your mind is thinking," What the ding dang dong was that all about? Seriously! Did I deserve that?" 

See, I'm in that 'pit hole' every now and then.  And this is one of them.  And yes, I'm a yoga teacher, but I'm also a person with everyday issues.  Not personally, but whatever's been thrown into my court, I try to deal it in the best way I know how.  So, writing a blog ain't that easy if I'm going to throw in a few things about 'me' in reality.  It's definitely challenging to do so in a country where the population are your neighbours.

So what is the 'yogic' way of dealing with such situations? Hmmmmmm,  I don't do 'ho hums' (not when my thoughts are filled with ' what am I suppose to do about this?') ..I don't do 50 sun salutations, I don't try and imagine the situation doesn't exist.. usually my solution is.... I would have a rasberry cheesecake in a quiet little part of the garden, with my decaf cuppuccino, take my ipod and play soft movie soundtracks (in this case, it's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...very soothing)

Most times, I ponder and think what I can do to resolve the 'situation'...and you know what, sometimes, the 'situation' just refuses to go away. Some of them just seem to reoccur and are adamant to kick you in the butt no matter what you say or do.  And then in my head, I'm thinking, what the crap am I suppose to do right now?.....  I'm Deepak Chopra-ding the situation and it's still messy, I'm Dr Dwyer-ing myself to help the situation and I still am worried.  I'm placing crystals around the 'situation' and it's going to take a crystal meteorite to figure this out ( I think), what can I do?

Then I came across this from Daily Om, "..When the situation gets dark, rather than feeling angry or frustrated, just observe without judgement, without focusing on the negative aspects or qualities, instead, increase your own light of energy you know you have within you already and hold that light for others around you."  I think reading that sentence has really helped.  Not that I feel what it says portrays you to be the ' hero' in the situation,  but rather to hold yourself steadfast, strong, illuminous, compassionate and 'constant of nature' even in utmost chaos.  The 'light' you hold doesn't need to 'control' and 'enforce' but to "...remember that everyone must find their own to awakening and the experiences they are having are an essential part of their process...." guys .....this is my 'ho hum' for the day, at least for now....and if that doesn't work, rasberry cheesecake it is...yes sir-ree.