Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Om-Dalicious in Ubud, Bali

It's too om-dalicious here in Ubud, Bali and I feel like this is my ideal place of complete blissfulness. Day one into Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrew Rivin is so pleasantly wonderful. They are such gifted teachers with amazing soulful and loving energy...they have so much to give. I never felt so amazingly stretched until Andrew Rivin showed me the ' wondrous' part and deeper inner feel of yogasana in each pose I did. Indescribable!!!! They are so patient and yet they both work so well with each other helping all of us to understand the 'truth' that we can all reveal in ourselves from the inside out and these all applies to the poses we do on a daily basis. Can you believe it? Day one and there's already so much I'm still learning. I'm so grateful and blessed to be a student again. Bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss.................

The locals in Bali are so friendly and it's very cultural. They are so gentle and very artistic. So much to see and lovely vegetarian meals to try out. So enticing to just try it all!!!!

I'm so loving this .........it's going to be so hard for me to leave this place.....I've never felt so at home in such a foreign but beautiful place. I wake up to water streams from the fountain near my room, having breakfast on the patio and having japanese carp fishes in pond to gaze at...bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss.............

I've met a kindred and delightful friend call Nicole from the Phillipines. We clicked on from the start of 'hello'. She's a yoga teacher too and has travelled so many places. I'm amazed at how yound she is but how mature she is in her travels and in person.

Missing Peter very much so but silly me, I didn't know there's only 2 round pin plugs in Bali and I can't charge my phone..........so Peter, if you're reading this, I'm (guys ...excuse me for this) ...I'm doing alright and yes, I'm chilling and relaxing and yogi-ing and going veggie for the next two weeks but loving it...and am thinking of you and wishing you were here with me...miss you plenty and big hugs.........and.....e.t.c....... ;P

Uh huh, the internet is slow here but at least I get to say hello to all of you out there..............

Till then..........I'm om-ma-dalicious-ing right now........

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bali trip in 4 hours.....am nervous boarding the plane...not very good with the 'take offs' and 'landings' ....but yes, definitely looking forward to the retreat and workshops. I have packed light since I'm boarding on Air Asia...Pete's really shocked how light I've packed this time since I usually pack the kitchen sink in. Yes, I don't know how I survive in the outback since I'm a creature of comfort. Not proud of it but I'm learning. So, I'll see you all in 2 weeks time and we'll start our classes back on the 2nd September.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anusara Yoga Workshops

Vincent Tam, an Anusara Yoga Teacher, will be heading down to Brunei in October. He'll be leading yoga workshops in Om Place Studio, hosted by William and Jackie. Vincent has studied under John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga and a vast experience of yoga training teachers and conducting retreats. It'll be a good opportunity to attend his workshops if you can. To find out more, click here

Oct 10th Get into the groove (Vinyasa Flow) 1.30pm till 4.30pm
" Find your way (Deeper Backbends) 5.30pm till 8.30pm

Oct 11th Get Hip (Hip Opener) 9.30pm till 12.30pm
" Flying High Low (Arm Balance and Fly Through with Pranayama) 2pm till 5pm

Early Birds Fee: $280 for 4 workshops or $75 per workshop (before 21st September)
Normal Fee : $340 for 4 workshops or $95 per workshop

** The workshops are all open to Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Students**

Please contact William C. at 8767019 or Jackie at 8734425

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You

It was a successful Yoga Arts Event at the Tai Chi Hall last Sunday. Thanks to the students who came and gave their loving support on the day itself. They have shown an amazing 'prana' from the their hearts during the vinyasa flow. We made a good amount of donation to Pusat Ehsan in just a matter less than a few hours, for that, we are truly grateful to all of you.

Thanks to Nick our photographer who took amazing pictures for our event, they look amazing....and thanks to Rozi, Haslann, Elaine, Heidi, ...even my mum ( the lady at the headscarves section) for being there. Really appreciate it.

Last but not least, to our commitee members Nora, William, Candy and Amani for creating the event and supporting the students.

We hope to see you again in our next meet.

Namaste to all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear Yogis And Yoginis

Tomorrow's yoga flow will start (on time) at 4.30pm. Please come a little early to place your mat and a 'wee' time to yourself to get settle into the atmosphere. Be reminded our venue's at the Tai Chi Hall, Heng Thai building, Kiarong roundabout. If you like to see what's on display at the mini yoga bazaar sale, the doors will be open by 3.45pm. The event will end at 6.20pm.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's This Sunday!!!!

Don't forget to bring your mat to our event at the Tai Chi Hall, Heng Thai building, Gadong Roundabout. The event starts from 4pm onwards and the Prana Yoga Flow starts at 4.30pm. Remember, if you're bringing a friend along, please be reminded each student will need to have some yoga experience (Sun Salutations)before they enter the event. If you have any queries, please ask the teachers involved in your respective studios.

**Important Notice:- if you are feeling unwell ( cold or flu), please kindly stay at home for your own well being, taking other students welfare into consideration. Thanks for your co operation!**

Otherwise, we are looking forward to seeing you this weekend.