Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yogini Nomad & Telly Tubbies

Here, there, everywhere, teaching in the park, school, studio....feel like a travelling nomad. I should have got me a trailer, all the 'b.o' I must have been carrying around. I kinda' like the freedom of just teaching in my own time. It feels great not to be tied down to billion classes in one day. Feel much more refresh and alert with what I do. At least I'm not doing yoga lessons in my sleep anymore.

Other than that,have been checking facebook. What in the world is going on with that silly thing? Why does it have to show what everyone is doing every second of the day? Seriously, we don't need to know what you're eating to if you're using the loo. Well, unless you're going to be descriptive. Talking about poos, my little nephew Max was on the potty and my sis was getting a little impatient waiting for the poor little bug to finish. When she asked, Max just said," I think Mr Poo is a bit shy to come out." .......Peter thought it was not funny when I told him over dinner. Did you ever see the x'mas poo episode in South Park with Stan?

Oh yes, saw Izan just yesterday in Country Patch. Seems like that's her favourite breakfast spot. She's got a new hair do with a shade of blue to it. Needless to say, Izan did some balancing poses in the middle of the coffee shop and yes Izan, you should come do yoga!!!

hee! hee! I told Peter about me wanting to attend this training from Paul Dalaghan who follows under Pattabhi Jois. His reply was," What....?? Telly tubbies??? You want to be trained by telly tubbies?" ........"NO I SAID Pattabhi Jois!!!NOT Telly Tubbies!!!!!"

Poos and Telly Tubbies, my week of discovering human's nature of conversation..........

See ya later alligators!