Friday, April 17, 2009

Keep fit while you're pregnant

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Country Patch and Power Rangers

Yum, had tuna sandwich with kidney beans at Country Patch coffee shop today. The french fries were srumptious and yes, I know how unhealthy it is but giving in to your cravings once is 'devilish' nice. If you ever visit Country Patch, try their 'trio ice tea'. Even their washrooms were tidy and clean, there was even a magazine to read! I reckon it's probably the only public lavatory that's usable and comfortably clean to use amongst all the other cafes. Nice work Country Patch! :0) Talking about food, is it my imagination or has Fleur's reduced their food portion by more than a quarter. I think some of the food were overpriced, especially the sandwiches. I would probably just go for the carrot cake if I'm there.
Have been organising my trip to Hong Kong for the yoga conference. Little did I know the hotel stays are so pricey even for three stars rating. Ai ya yai! It took me an hour to google through some websites to find reasonable prices, stumbled on Harbour View Hotel which cost $111(BND) per night (not inclusive of breakfast. am going to bring my weetabix and carton of milk). Friends were laughing when I told them I was going to write to the organisers of yoga conference to defer their next event in Bali instead. I don't know, would it be cheaper in Bali?
Just to note to all, I'm organising a yoga outing for the Maktab Sains students next Friday on the 24th April at 8.30am at Muara Beach. Feel free to join us if you like. There's probably 10 of the school students joining us that day.
To end, my little nephew Max saw his mum all dressed in red t-shirt and shorts, said," Mummy, you look like my red power ranger." cute....