Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling Broody.........

Spending more time with the family has been a real treat. My nephews are adorable and I'm feeling broody with children everywhere. :) . Max is nearly 3 years old and he's quite a little character. He talks like a 5 year old kid and seems to understand a lot more than you think. He loves airplanes and talks about it endlessly; his favourite boeing 747. All I can remember is the Beluga Airbus. If you start asking me what type of car I drive, I'll just tell you it's a four wheel drive. Ha!!!
Well, on Chinese New Year day, I woke up with a sore eye. It was pretty bad! I felt and looked like Mike Tyson after a big fight. Peter was snoring heavily away and took me awhile to wake him up. That included shaking him vigorously, opening up one eyelid physically with a forcep, poking him in his ribs, tummy and back, tugging at his hair etc. When he finally looked over, he just reassured me would resolved on it's own. It didn't. My sore eyed turned out to be conjunctivitis. Sigh...............Spend a couple of hours at Ripas H. to see the doc. and got me some antibiotics. But lucky me, the swelling reduced by the next day.
Anyhow, am clearing and packing things away at the studio. Feeling nostalgic but looking forward to teaching at D'Music Motion. It'll be a fresh start.
It's been really nice taking it easy for the past weeks. Feeling completely relax and calm. Caught up with Grey's Anatomy and watched a couple of movies. Patrick Dempsey still looks fact...I prefer him to George Clooney. And YES, watched Underworld....really good. No Kate Bekinsale but still good no do watch it if you can.