Sunday, June 26, 2011

Totally Blissed

It has been a busy but lovely week.  One I will keep to remember.  Students have returned back to their yoga practice and I am so happy to see them all again.  Our sessions has been nice and gentle, a great start to our yoga journey together as a 'kula'. 

And once again, I am so touched and moved by the amazing love and support I've had from all my family, friends and importantly, my students.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to Yogi Bliss Health & Spa Studio

Today has been a special day for me,my family, students and friends. The day started off with bouquet of flowers from friends and students, it was just amazing to receive such gifts. The colours of the flowers filled the studio with such an ambience of excitement in the air and fresh start! The turnout was great.  (Dear all) Thanks for coming and for bringing food too! And am so glad to see you all again for our first yoga session today.

And I must say 'thank you' to everyone in my life.  It wouldn't have been if it wasn't for your love, support and encouragement.  Where I didn't think I get by after my last studio, D'Music Motion Studio opened their doors to me so that I could continue teaching yoga.  They have been well accommodating and helpful when needed.  I had such fun working with the staff in D'Music Motion Studio and I will miss you all.  But thank you to DMM management for such hospitality.

And I am still grateful to the people that gave me an initial start to my yoga journey as a teacher.  Thank you again to Elaine, my sister, my mum, my husband and Jacqui for helping me through the first part.  The faith and believe you had in me has carried me through and I will always remember it.

Also, wow!!!! Thank you for the fridge and coffee maker, guys! Am very grateful for the endless support and again, the generosity shown by you, the students.  (Okay, okay....we'll have tea, cakes and yoga....ssshhhhhh!)

P.S ....Thank you Heulwen for giving me so much.  It could have been, but you made it even more so for me.  I've been blessed because you have.

By the way, free classes for the next 10 days.  So, if you're interested in doing yoga, drop by and visit us. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yogi Bliss Health & Spa Studio

Dear friends and students,

Yogi Bliss Health & Spa Studio will be opened tomorrow onwards.  We will start our first yoga class at 5.30p.m.  Also our soft opening starts tomorrow at 3p.m, please do come and join us.  We welcome visitors and students altogether.

Please note our timetable remains the same as previously.  (Checked at right hand side of this website).

Studio & Spa Address At:- Simpang 21, Block B, Unit 18, 2nd Floor, Gadong Menglait.  (Close to Jinn Chew and Hock Motor.   Drive pass Gadong Shell Station. )