Friday, July 4, 2008

Brunei Yoga Workshops

Brunei Yoga WorkshopsWorkshops held on the 25-27th July 2008 :

Sun salutation variations (25/7/08 at 8am-12pm)

The art and science of inversions (25/7/08 at 4-8pm)

Power 1 (26/7/08 at 8am-12pm)

Twisting your way to health (26/7/08 at 4-8pm)

Venue: Workshops held at Seraphina Studio, Bgn Lim Eng Meng, Simpang 88, Unit 13, 1st Floor.
Duration - per workshop is for 4 hours.
If there are any queries please call Jac at 8133860 for further information.

Workshop Prices as follows : $80 per workshop and $300 for 4 workshops


Then, YOGA FOR ALL on 27 / 7/ 08 , Sunday This session is open to the public and all yoga students ( 2 hours), It includes a talk, introduction and practice, venue TBA. $20 fee applies.

Seraphina Studio

It has been a good day. I conducted my first few classes at Seraphina Studio and am so happy having the students there. It has been a taxing month, full of preparation and anxieties. I couldn't have done and be where I am now, if I didn't have my family and friends supporting me through it all, ever since I started yoga teaching. They are my pillars of strength and am grateful to have such warm hearted giving people around me.

I like to thank my family and my husband for encouraging me to follow my dreams. For sticking by me through thick and thin. And to my cousin Elaine, who has believed in me right from the start. Her crystals and positive affirmations are all inspirations in so many ways. To all my friends, especially JacquiS. and Mike S. for being generous and giving in so many ways, 'grazie'.

Bing and Pacing, one of my first few students, thank you for bearing my first few lessons of yoga when I first started out. It was a good laugh and thank you for allowing me make my mistakes. I am always learning from my students too.

I am thankful towards my teachers Paalu and Wei Ling, they have given me courage to believe in my dreams and to live with passion.

For my students who have seen me from the start till now, thank you all for being patient, understanding, accomodating and supportive. You have in so many ways molded me into a teacher and everyday I learn each and everyone of your own uniqueness.

And most of all, to God and to the universe, for guiding and showing me to have faith and hope in all things.