Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mirror mirror on the Wall, who are you ?

"What about The Mummy?" hoping Pete would say yes to it. Unfortunately, we turned up too late for the show. We missed it. "What about Mirrors?" Pete asked. I looked over at the 'Mirrors' poster by the ticket counter. I didn't like the ghostly look and said no immediately. "Oh come on. I bet it won't be that scary. Besides, we always watch too many 'mushy' movies. Please, pwetty pweez....." Sigh, I agreed.

First part of the movie showed a guy running away from 'something' and only a few minutes later, he stood in front of several mirrors, talking to 'them' apologetically , without no reason, he started slashing his throat with such self brutal intentions, it was so grotesque.

Kiefer Sutherland plays Ben Carson, he takes up a night time security job in a burnt down building that used to be a luxurious department store. Night time approaches and Ben experiences horrific events with the mirrors. It follow him wherever he went, including his sister's appartment, his family home and his car. Wherever there was a reflection, the 'mirror' took possession of the person's spirit or will to self inflict or kill. The deaths were horrible. Ben's sister died a horrible death, I won't want to describe it in my blogsite cause I already felt like 'throwing up' when I was watching it through closed fingers.

The movie traces the history of the building and the demonic souls in the mirrors. It didn't have a satisfying ending but overall it scared the crap out of me. Ya, nearly poo poo in my pants.

I guess I don't have strong gut to watch this type of horror movies. When it was over, I think I looked as pale as a sheet.

" Pete, we are going home in one car!" (Pete and I drove separate cars, he met me at the studio after my teaching session)

Pete looked at me as if I was out of my mind ( I think I was) "Jac, it's only a film"

"I don't care. I am not looking in my back view mirror, it's midnight and it's a long way back home to Muara!!! Otherwise, we just have to camp out at the studio!"

"What? Look, I will drive right behind you where you can see me. If anything happens, pull over and I'll be there." says Pete.

"No,if something appears in my backview mirror, it'll be too late for you to save me. No, we stay at the studio and go back home in the morning, in BROAD DAY LIGHT!"

Pete gave in and we camped out. He had a sore back the next morning, and he has vouched not to make me watch another horror movie if it meant having to sleep rough.

It'll be a while till I see another horror movie again. Hmmmm, when's Mamma Mia showing??

If you like to know more about the film, Wikipedia has a website for it at