Monday, February 15, 2010

New Beginners Class

That's right! We'll have new beginners class starting 2nd March 2010 taught by Kristie Ying, Ikuyo Lampel and Maki Sakanoue.  If you are brand new to yoga and have decided to return back to yoga after a long break from it, joining the beginners class will help you ease your way back into the practice.  Here's a brief introduction to the teachers' profile.

Kristie first discovered yoga in 2007 while she was a Business student in Brunei. The following year, she pursued her education abroad and completed her management degree in London. To cope with the sudden lifestyle changes and adversities, she continued her yoga practices regularly with Bikram yoga where classes are conducted in a heated room of 41 degree to promote flexibility and aid in detoxification. Gradually, she developed a growing passion towards yoga and made the decision to embark a journey to India for an intensive teacher training yoga course in Himalayan Yoga Valley, Goa. She had successfully completed the 200 hours training and is now a qualified yoga instructor on Hatha and Vinyasa practice. Other than the fitness and health aspect of yoga, her decision to pursue in this path was also due to its abundance in inner peace and calmness. 

Maki's years of diligent and dedicated practice to Hatha yoga helped inspired and transformed her lifestyle into one's that's peaceful and calm.  Along with another yoga devotee, Ikuyo Lampel, both teachers have recently qualified as certified hatha yoga teachers, having taught by Patrick Creelman in Hong Kong.  Maki approaches her practice with sensitivity and great understanding, her patience to teach will be of great benefit to those students new in yoga. 

Together Kristie, Ikuyo and Maki will lead the classes this coming March, so don't wait, join us and find out more how yoga can help relieve stress.

Class Schedules as follows
Every Tuesday ,Thursday and Saturday at 8.15a.m
Every Monday and Wednesday at 7.15p.m                

Class Fees : Walk In $10 / 8 Lessons for $60.

Please call Kristie at 8873838 or Maki at 8603313,Ikuyo at 7171583

N.B The new beginners classes as stated above are lead by the teachers Kristie,Maki and Ikuyo.  **Jac Fang will continue with her normal schedule as previous **