Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Night in Singapore.............

I stayed with a friend in Singapore, in one of those high rise flat. I have stayed in hotels way high up, but far in a few. My friend's flat was probably the first one I have been where I felt it was ' too high up'. Being so high up did make me felt queasy when I took a look down from his window. The fear of falling comes all rushing back in a sweep when I look out into the city. It is a bit noisy even from high above but the view was spectacular (even if I do have a phobia about heights). Yes, I don't like flying in aeroplanes. Multiple toilet visits are necessary before boarding the plane. (As a yoga teacher, I am trying to get over my fears slowly, especially when I go into headstand. )

I took a picture of the city in the night and am glad it turned out well in the photo. The view was nice to look at. The darkness in the night took the fear of height away, couldn't really see the ground much and the little lights below were comforting. I guess, it doesn't look as overwhelming during the day when the ground below is more visible and looks as if it would just swallow you up.

Well, I hope to see Singapore soon again. Seane Corn's workshop is just around the 1st August. Looking forward to it. ........and back again to the Lion City................................once more

What is Baddha Vinyasa?

Badda Vinyasa means binding flow, a complete energy Hatha yoga series practised in a graceful manner. This practice will improve joint flexibility and give a terrific energy boost. The movements create a squeeze to all our different body parts - arms, thighs, back, shoulders, everywhere - to supply better oxygenated blood to our whole body and replenish energy lost through our day's work or stress. Twisting and binding poses squeeze our internal organs, and flush them with fresh oxygenated blood to help detoxify the organs and stimulate the glands.

We will practise binding in standing, sitting, lying, and arm-balancing postures.As we move gracefully from one posture to another, our body and mind both become more aware. We will improve our coordination through such movements. When practising in this way - shifting weight and concentration from one area of the body to another - we are constantly challenged. We will be less inclined to get tired and our bodies will be happy to do more and more, no matter how much time has passed in the practice.

Baddha Vinyasa With Kenny Meitei in Singapore

Baddha Vinyasa with Kenny Meitei in Singapore was very interesting. I didn't think you could bind and lock your arms anymore than what he showed us in the workshops. At some point during the session, I did get myself all knotted up but it was good fun and challenging. Kenny Meitei was very expressive in body language as an instructor rather than verbally but we knew what he meant.
The tricky bit was went he got us to do 'Pavritta Trikonasana' doing baddha with our arms and hands at the same time into one legged Bakasana. Yes, I think I looked more like a turkey with one leg up rather than a graceful swan.
There were all sorts of people of different races and ages joining the workshop. All in all, there were approximately 60 students.
I have brought back the same asanas into my class and like me, they too found it challenging but real fun. ................

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Walking Down Memory Lane

Lately, it's a case of walking a few feet away from my car and only to return back to it just because I have forgotten if I have actually locked it. Other times, I be trying to scan my brain on what my friend had asked me to do earlier on. At worst, I be teaching my students at 6.30 a.m and forgotten the Sanskrit for alternate nostril breathing. Maybe I have an excuse for the latter since it was the early hours of the morning, but then again, you think about the yogis in India waking up at 4a.m every morning meditating and doing yoga, that puts me to shame.So, lucky me, I bought a copy of Joyful Living magazine today. It had suggested remedies for forgetfulness. Here are a few to boost your memory power.

1) Stay ActiveTake 30 minute walk in the fresh air five days a week Or do 12 cycles of the hatha sun salutation, add inversions like the shoulderstand and plow pose to increase blood flow to the brain(I don't want to know what my memory be like if I'm not a yoga teacher as I do more than 12 cycles of surya namaskar in one day)

2) BreatheAnuloma Viloma (See, I do remember. Surya Namaskar must be helping)It helps stimulate the left and right hemispheres of the brain and improve brain memory.

3) Study UpMemorise a poem, Sanskrit scripture, reciting it every morning till you know by heart. Then start learning a new one.4) Feed Your BrainThis is an Ayurveda way of boosting your memory, eat foods like sweet potatoes, okra (lady fingers), spinach, oranges, carrots, milk, ghee (clarified butter), tapioca and almonds.

And if you're still losing your keys and forgetting appointment dates, best thing to do is use sticky notes and remind yourself of everything

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Yogini & Teacher

It was an intense two weeks training of yoga in Kuala Lumpur. Literally, it was eat, breathe, sleep and live yoga 24/7. I felt I was enrolled into 'boot' camp. But am glad I did it. It taught me discipline and endurance I never had before. There were two other girls with me doing the same course. They were from Maldives. They had such resilience and determination to just 'keep on going' no matter what.

We learnt tough yoga moves from just what may look like simple postures. Every muscle was engage whether it was a standing posture, sitting posture, supine posture or prone posture. But the most important thing was to focus on the breathing. To be able to control the movement with synchronisation to the breaths. Meditation was the bonus point for me. I loved it. The stillness, the 'being' in the present moment.

Overall, I never felt more sure, relieved, healthy and rejuvenated after being in Tirisula Yoga. Both Masters, Paalu and Wei Ling have truly placed their faith, hope and effort in me and the other two girls, am so grateful to have them as my gurus.

Yoga In The Lion City

Not the trip I had expected it to be. I have just finished my pre and post natal yoga course and again, there was so much to learn. I took my training under Master Paalu and Master Wei Ling. Both of whom I am glad to meet again. They have again, taught me ways of yoga that works effectively for mums. Preparing mums to be emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was blessed to meet two other students, Rachel and Maple, under the same training. At most times, I usually put up my guard when meeting new people. But Rachel had such a bubbly personality, and Maple was open and soft spoken, both of which I thought were very warm hearted people.I guess when you have masters like Paalu and Wei Ling who are such giving and lovely teachers, they will probably attract many students that are a reflection of their personality.

There's never a dull moment at all with teachers and students as such.We got to learn mantras, the meaning of the yoga sutras and ways to accomodate pregnant mums to asana variations. I definitely love Rachel teaching me her 'baby pose' in supine positioin. You can't help but be happy like a baby. The most funny part was Rachel got us to put cushion pillows under our tops to have a 'feel' of what a pregnant feel like doing the asanas. My 'pretended' child couldn't wait to be born, it kept slipping underneath my top.All in all, I enjoyed the course.

I think the most important part of this journey was learning to enjoy the uniqueness of everyone's individuality without judgement. Also we are teachers and students no matter the years and experiences behind us all.......

Friday, July 4, 2008

Brunei Yoga Workshops

Brunei Yoga WorkshopsWorkshops held on the 25-27th July 2008 :

Sun salutation variations (25/7/08 at 8am-12pm)

The art and science of inversions (25/7/08 at 4-8pm)

Power 1 (26/7/08 at 8am-12pm)

Twisting your way to health (26/7/08 at 4-8pm)

Venue: Workshops held at Seraphina Studio, Bgn Lim Eng Meng, Simpang 88, Unit 13, 1st Floor.
Duration - per workshop is for 4 hours.
If there are any queries please call Jac at 8133860 for further information.

Workshop Prices as follows : $80 per workshop and $300 for 4 workshops


Then, YOGA FOR ALL on 27 / 7/ 08 , Sunday This session is open to the public and all yoga students ( 2 hours), It includes a talk, introduction and practice, venue TBA. $20 fee applies.

Seraphina Studio

It has been a good day. I conducted my first few classes at Seraphina Studio and am so happy having the students there. It has been a taxing month, full of preparation and anxieties. I couldn't have done and be where I am now, if I didn't have my family and friends supporting me through it all, ever since I started yoga teaching. They are my pillars of strength and am grateful to have such warm hearted giving people around me.

I like to thank my family and my husband for encouraging me to follow my dreams. For sticking by me through thick and thin. And to my cousin Elaine, who has believed in me right from the start. Her crystals and positive affirmations are all inspirations in so many ways. To all my friends, especially JacquiS. and Mike S. for being generous and giving in so many ways, 'grazie'.

Bing and Pacing, one of my first few students, thank you for bearing my first few lessons of yoga when I first started out. It was a good laugh and thank you for allowing me make my mistakes. I am always learning from my students too.

I am thankful towards my teachers Paalu and Wei Ling, they have given me courage to believe in my dreams and to live with passion.

For my students who have seen me from the start till now, thank you all for being patient, understanding, accomodating and supportive. You have in so many ways molded me into a teacher and everyday I learn each and everyone of your own uniqueness.

And most of all, to God and to the universe, for guiding and showing me to have faith and hope in all things.