Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surya Namaskar with Me and my Mat

Woke up at 8.30a.m and decided to roll out of bed to do some sun greeting. Took my little cd player and favourite yoga mat, rolled it out, facing into garden. Meditated for awhile, contemplating my thoughts for the week, trying to bring myself back into my breaths and then started off with simple stretches. I did plenty of sun salute (since the sun does a lot for us & the world...never seem to ask anything in return) and added in virabhadrasana one's. It was peaceful, relaxing and transforming. I didn't have any perception of how my poses should strictly be, but went with the flow that came into my head. The soft music and the birds chirping away was just wondrous enough to slip into deep meditation with each and every pose done. I then finished it off with koundiyasana, tithibasana, pincha mayurasana and last but not least, shavasana. It was very quiet inside my head but a feeling of santosha was there too.
Took some time to meditate again after...but my tummy started growling. I didn't realise I had been out on the mat for 2 hours. Rolled the mat up and decided to have some jam and toasts with a hot cup of milo. Yummmm...............Went on the net for a while and suddenly ideas just kept springing into my head. It must be the all the head rush in adho muka svanasana and the 'ho hums' during meditation.

Called up Heidi from Baby Cakes Brunei, Rozi the artist, Reedz from Anak Brunei, Elaine, the crystal therapist and Candy's lovely cupcakes ...requested their awesome presence to join us on the 9th August at the Yoga Arts Event. They were thrilled to be invited and will bring with them their gorgeous creations to our very own mini yoga bazaar. So, don't forget to bring your purses on the day itself.

P.S I love this bendy straw!!