Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is Happening with the Knowing?

My parents returned back from Bangkok last night and they bought some dvds. Borrowed The Knowing with Nicholas Cage and was excited to watch it since most of his movies are pretty good. The start of the movie had a good intro and the suspense build up throughout the movie until out of nowhere, aliens showed up. I mean what the 'ding dang dong' was that about? For those who are not sure what the movie's all about, let me fill you in on it. It starts with this young girl in the 1970's (who looks like Carrie possessed) writing out sentences of numerals on paper. The paper was later found in a time capsule about 50 years later by Nicholas Cage and his son. The numerals turns out to be a code of all major events or catastrophe that has happened in the fifty years. Cage finds out that there are more tragedies to take place unless he tries to stop it. The events starts taking place coincidentally where he's at and he tries to find a way to save himself and his son from the last major event. Yes, you guess it.....the end of the world.......But it feels like the writer and director couldn't be bothered about how the movie ends, they threw in the aliens just for laughs. That's 2 movies in a row that is so unbelievably disappointing, The Happening and The Knowing. Please don't let there be another movie using the present tense unless it's called The Joking.