Thursday, April 9, 2009

Under the weather

I am just bunged up, can't breathe, have used 3 boxes of tissues and 2 toilet rolls. Hubby woke up with unpleasant surprise to find our bed covered with tissues and empty box of strepsils. He's decided to invest in a facemask airborne free of my colds. I retired to sticking two small tissues up my nostrils last night after being fed up of having to blow my sore nose to pieces. Lucky me, hubby was in deep sleep.

Well, being housebound, I have been spring cleaning the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Found some lost items, discovered horrible bits of food in odd corners, am astounded at how much rubbish we have in the kitchen, and flabergasted at how much skin we shed to make up for the dust on the shelves. I have a 'Monica' tendency to clean everything once I start, I don't stop. Peter really believes I have been a squirrel in my past life, pottering around gathering my 'nuts' and 'shells' for the winter. I told him he probably reincarnates as a snail since he takes his sweet time to eat his meal.

Oh ho ho, get this, little Nadia was doing her homework, and she had to rhyme words to cat, bat, mat and man. She got stuck at man, when all of a sudden she shouted,"I got it!! Man rhymes with nan nan" For those who don't speak hokkien, 'nan nan' means a woman's breasts. My sis had to keep a straight face and told her to rethink again.

It's very funny and interesting when you hear little children speak to each other. The things they say just doesn't stop surprising you day by day.