Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ukatasana (Chair Pose)

I love putting Ukatasana, chair poses into the vinyasa flow. It stretches the chest, shoulders, arms , tones the lower part of the body , and reduces flat feet. To deepen the pose, drop the hips down slightly lower, working through the heels. Make sure the knees stays behind the toes. Remember to tuck in the tailbone and breathe.

A New Start To Seraphina Studio

Here's the progress for Seraphina Studio....I have found a new place for us in Kiulap. It's just a few minutes walk away from where we are right now. If you happen to drive past Escapade in Kiulap, look over till you drive past Daan's Cafe. The shophouse located above it will be our next venue. Hopefully we will finish signing off the contract by this coming Tuesday, 30th Dec.

I hope to start renovation before mid January and re open Seraphina Studio by mid February. Our classes continues till the old venue closes down before Chinese New Year.

The new place has more windows for natural light and fresh air to come through the new studio. Luckily for us, I can at least transfer the mirrors, laminate floorings, fans, air conditioners, lights and curtains. So, that will help me save some money for the studio.

It feels great to know I can teach elsewhere. And thanks so much to everybody who have helped me through this emotional ride for the past month. I am grateful to have such family and friends in my life.