Thursday, August 11, 2011

To practice with grace in your heart

It's good to come to a place where you can roll your mat out and be in a place of complete submersion of a soulful practice that comes from deep within your heart and mind.  Where there's complete awareness of understanding in the waves of motion and breath that moves and synchronises with each other's intentions.  Being able to move with such grace and humility teaches us to flow with our actions and thoughts in life with love and peacefulness.  So when we show ourselves the tenderness and softness of our own actions in any pose, we learn to nurture ourselves in a place of goodness.  And to align and balance ourselves physically when we act on our movements and to release from such standstills at times when we need to.  Such is the beauty in ways that only can be felt when we do our yoga practice with intentions from the heart.
With love and light
Jac :)

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