Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Such a gifted kid

This kid has gone from Mayurasana to Urdhva Dhanurasana to all sorts of arm balances.........Very gifted!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nurses Can Be Heroes Too

I have finally found another set of hospital drama series, except that this time, it's about nurses.  Finally!!! Name:- Hawthorne.  It's real, interesting and just as good as another tv series.  It starts Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith's wife) and my other favourite actor Michael Vartan.  I love the fact Hawthorne view patients care from nurses point of view from hospital bedside crisis, to how nurses are generally treated by patients and doctors, the good and the bad, the pressure of following hospital protocols even when it may not apply equally to every patient, the decisions made by nurses to whether doctors decision may sometimes be questionable and do you say it out loud or just keep it under the raps? When is it the 'right' time or situation to judge or decide if you can over ride a doctor's decision, and to do so, do we approach another doctor and ask their point of view? Would that undermine the first doctor's ability, accountability and his reputation?.....It also shows nurses from a fallible situation when they are caught in under pressure during emergency situations, but who does the responsibility fall to, the doctor, nurses, management.....? The show addresses when nurses face issues of feeling 'adequate' as just caregivers and not to feel 'inadequate' if they are less of a medical professional in a day's work.

I think the only thing I would say about nursing chief officer is I wish and hope clinical nursing officers (directors and chief) would be as compassionate as Hawthorne.  She's passionate and skillful.  In my previous nursing career, I have met only one that was like the ' Hawthorne'.  She didn't hide behind paperworks, desk meetings and coffee breaks....she got her hands 'dirty' and was out there in the trenches with the rest of the clinical nurses......she didn't let the documentation and meetings bog her down and away from clinical work. it........The nurses version of Grey's Anatomy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slow Sunday " A Simple Solution To Global Warming"

Have been sitting out in the garden reading Guardian online, came across this article, written by Satish Kumar, about how we could cut our carbon emissions by literally taking a Sunday off spending time with family and engage ourselves in home leisures by doing some writing, painting, walking, gardening, e.t.c.  He suggested closing supermarkets, department stores and petrol stations for the chosen day of the week, in doing so, we reduce our mobility to bare essentials.  If you think about it, there will be no great hardship in cutting down non essential and non urgent use of fossil fuels for one day.

I  guess if  you do need to travel, we could rethink about the 'necessity' part of it.  And if there are errands to do, could we possibly leave it for the Monday and make a habit out of it? And if there's a dire need to perform the errand, could we ask ourselves why?  Of course there must be certain things that can't be help like taking a sick child to the clinic or having to drive over to a family for a visit.  But could we dedicate a Sunday every week and treat it as a day of rest and renewal.  I think it's a great idea and it can be done if we put our minds and deepest of intentions to help the world.  A small movement in every individual is a collaboration to make this a better place to live in.

 A part of the article from The Guardian....................

"The 10:10 movement supported by the Guardian is a wonderful way to empower ordinary people to participate in the great movement of mitigating global warming. We cannot wait until governments are enlightened enough to legislate and cap the carbon emissions. Matters are urgent. We have to act now, without any delay. The power of public opinion and citizen action will have a strong impact on the climate conference taking place in Copenhagen.

One thing we can easily do to achieve this goal: we can declare Sunday to be a fossil fuel-free day or a low-carbon day or at least an energy-saving day. We can start this week, this month or in 2010. We can start individually and collectively. The long journey to cut carbon dioxide emissions can start in the here and now.

Global warming or climate change is only a symptom of our deep-seated desire to consume, consume and consume. The external problem of carbon emissions is connected with the internal problem of desire. If we stay in the rat-race 24 hours, seven days a week, we are bound to pollute our inner space as well as the outer space. Speed is the curse of modern civilisation. The solution to global warming is simple: slow down. Slow is beautiful. Even if we cannot slow down every day, at least slow down on Sunday. If you are a Christian then Slow Sunday should be natural to you, if you are a Muslim make Friday your low-carbon day, if you are Jewish then Saturday can be your day to save energy, if you follow a secular way of life then choose your own carbon-free day. At least on Sunday we can be citizens rather than consumers."

Guinness World Record 2010

Lee Redmond & Melvin Boothe from US
         Longest Fingernails (8 to 9 meters) (...Ewwwww :p)

Veronica Torr, New Zealand, Fastest Hurdle With Swim Fins (Cool!)
100 meters in 19.278 seconds

Most Pierced Woman, Elaine Davidson, 4225 Piercings..(Ouch!)

Shortest Mobile Living Adult is He Ping Ping from China (74.61cm)  ...(He looks soooooo small!)

Oldest Guy at 115 years old revered monk, Luang Phu Supha, Thailand
World's Largest Pie Fight, in front of ABC Studio, New York ( What a waste of food! :p)
Tallest Man, Sultan Kosen from Turkey at 8ft 1in ( Aiyayayai!!!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Simple Shift In Attitude

"Live the life you want to live, be the person you want to remember, make decisions, make mistakes, if you fall, at least you tried"

 Today's a good day, sat out in the garden with a good book, did a few rounds of 'surya namaskara' with 'shantala' music in the background.  Each movement was set with the best of intention from the heart, to free the tightness in my legs and in my back was 'shri'.  It was much easier to immerse into the practice with the sun shining bright into the open space around me and cool breeze on my skin.  I was just in sheer bliss.  More importantly, as I commit into the asanas, I am saying my blessings to the universe and to God himself for the little moments I had 'on' and 'off' the mat.  Life is good, even circumstances takes you away from the goodness.  It is so true when someone says to you," Life is no more or less than what you make out of it."  
Sometimes when I wake up in the morning for an early class, I would feel reluctant to get out of bed.  All I want to do is just stay in bed.  But I shift my 'attitude' to feel more 'awake' and 'alive', and for some odd reason, I would feel better. I think there are sometimes situations that affects me beyond my control, and it's easy to think life is 'against' me.  It could be someone else has had an unfortunate day and being caught in the same arena with them, I had to bear the grunt of it too.  I find it's important to remind myself, situations 'stay' and 'go', everything else is temporary, nothing is permanent.  Everything and everyone is on its way to somewhere.  Getting caught in other people circumstances can sometimes leave us emotionally drained, but I think it's definitely important to realise we all have choices.  Do we choose freedom and make the best of what life has to offer?  Do we live in the moment and if we live today as if there's no tomorrow, are we already happy?
Sometimes when you try and help others to recognize the abundance in life even in the worse of circumstance, others may not see your 'way' as yet.  But you can excuse yourself, go for a walk, breathe in the 'moment' and feel the blessings in life.  The simple sense of 'relief' is a blessing in disguise already.
I find that it helps looking from a child's perspective, making everything simple as much as possible.  The mind is too 'old' when everything is seen from a pessimistic point of view, it's only when you adopt an optimistic, non-judgmental and hopeful mind set, life would seem grandeur than expected.
It's when we've been blessed with the ability to take the circumstances handed to us and turning it into something great that we live in abundance. 
Why wait? What's your 'moment' for today?

Does it feel 'Shri' to you? (Rozana Yunos)

I attended a yoga workshop today by Jac Fang and she shared with us Anusara yoga which she had learned from her immersion in Bali not too long ago. I really enjoy having Jac as my (if possession was ever at all possible!) yoga teacher because she has helped me believe in my body's capabilities and I will be one of those who will burn that myth into the ground about fat people not being flexible. Your flexibility as I discovered has nothing to do with your shape or size. I am pretty flexible that I can touch the ground with my hands and it will not hurt the back of my legs as I stretch bending forward.

For me, yoga is a practice whereby it helps raise awareness to our bodies. Every single move and pose in which we position our bodies into has a purpose. Just as every type of food we eat has a purpose too and being on this programme helps bring awareness to your body and what you put inside to fuel it.

What I discovered in today's workshop was how to engage our muscles fully in order to completely experience how powerful the body really is. I could feel my muscles really working its best and although it felt awkward in the beginning in doing some of the moves, I could see improvements in the way I did lunges, the plank, downward dog and also the cobra pose. Even standing up with my arms stretched up to the sky felt different today. It was as if I was truly surrendering myself to what the universe has to offer. And I always remember that in life, we must embrace the good and the bad for how we can appreciate the good if we do not know what the bad feels like or looks like. Engaging the muscles I relate to engaging ourselves in the life that we have. Life is so short to let it slip past us and for us to dwell in thoughts that do not serve us.

What I learned was an important question. "Does it feel 'shri' to you?" Meaning - does it feel comfortable to you? Does it feel good for you? All this time, when I have done yoga I have always wanted to achieve "perfection" but really how do you define perfection and who's definition do you have in the first place? When Jac asked the question, does it feel 'shri' to you? I thought, I do not have to "force" my body into positions in which I am uncomfortable or that my mind tells me that I am less than. It is about doing what is best for me without judgement and comparison to others and making sure I enjoy the process as I go along. After all, life is meant to be made up of discoveries!

I link this to the weight loss adventure I am currently on. I ask myself, does it feel 'shri' for me? And so far, after a week into it, I would give a resounding YES! I feel a lot lighter, some of my clothes are not as tight as before and even though it is the fasting month, I do have a good level of energy in the morning. I really am beginning to feel the 'shri-ness' of doing this. And while I smell food on the dinner table of things I cannot eat (I will literally pick up the bowl and bring it to my nose!) and comment that they look really tasty, I do not regret embarking on this adventure at all!

Just as with yoga, everything that we do requires constant practice and always remembering to take action. So I hope in the next few days to engage my muscles in the privacy of my own bedroom and feel how 'shri' it is doing these poses. I take comfort in knowing that I am taking steps everyday to create a better body and a better life for me.[Photo] Thank you Jac for today's workshop. And thank you for always being a caring, compassionate, passionate and empowering teacher

(Thank you Zana, for sharing your 'light' on yoga...)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Realigning with the Universe

I'm so happy, just found out I'll be seeing a dear friend, Nicole, (distant by sea) in December.  To my delight, we'll both be doing Immersion II (Anusara with Desiree Rumbaugh) in Taipei.  Nicole is someone who's left an impression on me, always reminding to open my heart to grace and flow of life.  I do believe in meeting people for a reason, they are the ones that shape our life, making a difference to what we think.  And some friends we meet along our journey were the ones we might have met in our 'past lives' (maybe) and have re-met , or re-connect, to help us find the 'light' and 'inspirations' along the way.  Things don't happen without a reason.

In the workshop (Sunday 13th Sept), I explain to the students how sometimes life doesn't happen the way you imagine or expect it to be.  There won't be any rhyme or reason to the situation and you would have thought or imagine life to be unfair.  But if you choose to open your heart to 'grace', you learn life has a way of re-aligning you with the Universe.

When we practice yogasanas (the poses), we can try to re-connect ourselves to the Universe through the poses.  Instead of going into the poses immediately, perhaps we could gather the energy we have around us, directing the 'prana' into our center.  And from that 'center', we start to engage the 'energy' into our feet, our legs, our arms, our hands and feel the intrinsic goodness in ourselves.  We could also soften our 'heart' to the world, reconnecting as well as realigning our inner and outer 'being' to the Universe.  A feeling of 'oneness'.

Feeling 'connected' to what we do in life and visualizing the 'bigger' picture that's waiting for us, we might perhaps be more open to the flow of life without resistance or being too 'pushy'.  We probably feel better in ourselves to 'let go' and not feel we have to be in 'control' all the time.  Cause learning to 'open' to grace, we feel the freedom and stability that gives us that utmost happiness and respect for all life.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yoga Workshop in Om Place Studio

It was my very first yoga workshop, aiming to introduce some anusara to the students.  I could tell the students were ready to embrace the teaching, but whether they were ready to embrace anusara as a way to integrate into their yoga practice was another question.  I prepared myself prior to the workshop on what I thought I might say and what I could teach on.  Thinking 2 hours was plenty, I actually planned to teach the students surya namaskara applying the primary principles of anusara.  It was hard work!!! I was sweating through, trying to explain, demonstrate and teach.  And this was just only the beginning.  It felt like the workshop was only 15 minutes and before I realised, my 2 hours were over due. I still wanted to continue teaching the standing poses applying anusara.  Aiyayai!!!

We discussed about 'inner and outer spiral', scooping the tailbone, side body long and lifting at the heart.  And yes, there were definitely laughs, but more importantly an understanding to practice mindfully, create consciousness, integrate the feeling of 'oneness', a flow of grace from the heart and to create stability and freedom in the pose.
All in all, I think it went well and I'm definitely planning to do more yoga workshops in reference to anusara.  Experiencing anusara has helped me to embrace and celebrate life not just on the mat but off the mat too.  It has helped take me to that 'place' of remembrance, to inner strength, courage, strength and growth, spreading the delight I have gathered, expressing it through my poses. There's so much to share and connect with the students, I'm just hoping it'll be a continue growth for them as I feel it has been for me.  

Thursday, September 10, 2009

8.30 a.m-thanks to the call

8.20 a.m Woke up by my dear sister's overseas phone call.  Missing her and the little rascals, wish she was back in Brunei  
8.30 a.m Snugged back into bed, looked over at my yoga mat leaning against the bedroom door (placed it there to remind me to practice)....Mind says 'yes, let's do it' ...Body says,' need to sleeeeeepppppp'..... Mind says,' come on, surprise yourself, you'll feel better after' ........Body says,' Mind is crazy, don't listen to her, better to be in bed then doing DFD'  ......Mind says,'Jac, stop wasting time talking to yourself...just get out of bed and do it!'
8.40 a.m  Rolled my mat out, played Benji & Heather's Shantala music for a little motivation, sat on my mat and started mimicking a cat's stretch, and some weird animal the ones that just woke out of hibernation.
8.50a.m ....Humming along to Benji & Heather's music..Going into Uttanasana, stretching legs out.....and reached all the way up to stand in Tadasana..ahhh, already feeling a little more energise.
9 a.m  Surya Namaskara in it's first round........then, second....third...
9.30 a.m  Feeling the divinity in each pose...breathe...flow.....ahhhhhh
9.40 a.m  Taking the practice further with arm balances, urdva danurasana
9.50 a.m  My new favourite, handstand (with the wall of course) Hellooo world in it's upside down state......we all feel that sometimes..
10 a.m    Shavasana..................yummy
10.10 a.m   Sitting in Siddasana......contemplating inner self, thinking, listening, just be, meditate, bliss.......hmmmm
10. 25a.m  Saying my thanks and gratitude in silence for the practice. Om namah shivaya
10.30 a.m  Ready for the 'gifts' of the day.........   :o)

Rasberry Cheesecake + Angst & Worries

I think it is easy to call a place 'home' when the people you're around with are filled with ease and calmness.  You wished it just last forever.  Of course the universal plan throws you off the tangent from the so called perfect moment and digs a pit hole for you to crawl out from, your mind is thinking," What the ding dang dong was that all about? Seriously! Did I deserve that?" 

See, I'm in that 'pit hole' every now and then.  And this is one of them.  And yes, I'm a yoga teacher, but I'm also a person with everyday issues.  Not personally, but whatever's been thrown into my court, I try to deal it in the best way I know how.  So, writing a blog ain't that easy if I'm going to throw in a few things about 'me' in reality.  It's definitely challenging to do so in a country where the population are your neighbours.

So what is the 'yogic' way of dealing with such situations? Hmmmmmm,  I don't do 'ho hums' (not when my thoughts are filled with ' what am I suppose to do about this?') ..I don't do 50 sun salutations, I don't try and imagine the situation doesn't exist.. usually my solution is.... I would have a rasberry cheesecake in a quiet little part of the garden, with my decaf cuppuccino, take my ipod and play soft movie soundtracks (in this case, it's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...very soothing)

Most times, I ponder and think what I can do to resolve the 'situation'...and you know what, sometimes, the 'situation' just refuses to go away. Some of them just seem to reoccur and are adamant to kick you in the butt no matter what you say or do.  And then in my head, I'm thinking, what the crap am I suppose to do right now?.....  I'm Deepak Chopra-ding the situation and it's still messy, I'm Dr Dwyer-ing myself to help the situation and I still am worried.  I'm placing crystals around the 'situation' and it's going to take a crystal meteorite to figure this out ( I think), what can I do?

Then I came across this from Daily Om, "..When the situation gets dark, rather than feeling angry or frustrated, just observe without judgement, without focusing on the negative aspects or qualities, instead, increase your own light of energy you know you have within you already and hold that light for others around you."  I think reading that sentence has really helped.  Not that I feel what it says portrays you to be the ' hero' in the situation,  but rather to hold yourself steadfast, strong, illuminous, compassionate and 'constant of nature' even in utmost chaos.  The 'light' you hold doesn't need to 'control' and 'enforce' but to "...remember that everyone must find their own to awakening and the experiences they are having are an essential part of their process...." guys .....this is my 'ho hum' for the day, at least for now....and if that doesn't work, rasberry cheesecake it is...yes sir-ree.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A reminder to myself

I was clearing out some old stuff and came across an old note I made to myself to remember so I shouldn't forget...
  • Note how your form is behaving and how it is feeling.  Evaluate.                                                    Eversince my return from Bali, I have been constantly reminding myself what it feels like to live a life without fear and expectations, to be able to speak truthfully from the heart without having to feel I have to meet people's expectations of what and who I should be...and you know feels great to 'just be'.  Even if everything around me is going a little topsy turvy, haywired or when crap hits the fan, I'm in reminder life sometimes throws you 'off the tangent', it happens so that it realigns you back with the Universal plan.  

  • Go beyond your comfort zone on a regular basis.  Ask yourself, " What patterns in my life do I continuously repeat because that is where I am most comfortable?"  Extend yourself to new levels, do things you thought you weren't capable of.                                                                        I'm definitely a creature of bad habits that needs to break her form.  Have been a tv addict before I left Bali ( there wasn't a tv in the bungalow....thank goodness, Nicole probably won't have let me watch it anyways), but so glad to say I have used that time to read books that has been sitting on my shelf and just spending time outdoors with Peter (which I normally don't do since it's always sweltering hot in Brunei but Peter loves the sun and I can't bask under the sun like he does cause unlike Peter, I don't fair easily after the tan.....I know...vanity gets the better of me sometimes........) ...and yes, I have said to him I'll head down to the beach with him.........I cannot believe I agreed, but I  did......going to bring a huge gigantic umbrella with matter how heavy it is .......                                                                           
  • Cease labeling yourself.  Discontinue the labeling process will help you to define who you are in more profound and spiritual terms.                                                                                                     .........I'm not fat, I'm not fat.......haha, just and diet don't work at all...AT ALL.  Am so hopeless at dieting, let's hope I'll keep on doing yogasanas for a lifetime.  Labeling? I do describe myself negatively when my hormones play up, safe to say I haven't done it just as yet....maybe it's the decaf cuppuccinos I've been taking. It's all good for the soul.......                                                                                                                                                    
  • Your body is in a large part controlled by your mind.  Your mind causes your physical self to respond.                                                                                                                                             I agree, and I think the mind has to be strong in believing to live to your utmost potential despite circumstances.  That's also the key to overcome the physical aspects.                                                                                                                        
  • Work each day to clear yourself of the two factors that do the most to inhibit your personal transformation: negativity and judgment                    .                                                                       ............I see that doesn't include personally of myself but 'ahimsa' to those around me too.  That helps my transformation to help me understand things better.                                                                                                                                  
  • Examine how you treat the physical or visible you.  Know that the food you eat is maintaining the wondrous temple.                                                                                                                        Now this is challenging.....having a dad for a chef and when he cooks 'pisang goreng'  ...........Alamak!!!                   
  • Allow time to meditate quietly by yourself                                                                                         Ho Hummmmmmmmmmmm
  • Be kind and understanding of yourself.  The more you extend kindness to yourself, the more it will become your automatic response to others.                                                                      Eureka to that!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Resonating with Life

5 days back in Brunei and, the thought of Desiree and Andrew's Bali retreat still stays fresh in my memory. I'm still in awe of how much I have learnt during the stay in Ubud, and am keen to share my learnings with the, I have organised a 2 hour workshop on the 13th September at 3pm, will be working on shoulders, hip openings and arm balancings....the response has been great so far. So, plans for tomorrow, waking up early to practice in heart and mind, play Benjy & Heather's music (it's the only music I play in the car whilst I'm driving these days), and breathing in the space of 'sheer' delight of just being back home in Brunei.

In the past week, students in the class have been absorbing my words, placing those words into their poses, and flowing into the vinyasa with grace and inner body strength. I admire their tenacity to learn more with whatever I can teach them, and their willingness of the heart is my motivation as a teacher, to help them delve deeper into their practice.

It's strange how I thought I might have lost the feeling of being 'connected' to my inner self and having to meet with 'reality', I thought I would have got back to the 'old' me. But up till now, each and everytime I wake up, when I get out of bed, I'm already thinking what life has in stored for me, embracing it with open arms knowing everything has a place and sitting in a comfort zone is not an option I choose, I take a step forward to list things I normally avoid, kinda like the 'Yes Man'.

So here it is, back in the retreat, I was so positive in everything (kinda really can't help oozing in positiveness when Nicole S. is around you), and now it's time to place those thoughts into action, finding my balance, setting my intentions. It's already started off before I set foot into the plane from Bali, and I have braved the take off's and landing's. I have even said 'yes' to things I never imagined I would have in this life saying I'll go swim in the waters at the beach..Peter was so surprised, he said," Are you sure you're my wife? What have you done with Jac?"

Peter's so sweet, he made me a nice spaghetti bolognese for yesterday's lunch and made me a fruit salad after, he took us for dinner after and drove us back while I slept off in the car......(maybe I have to be elsewhere for another 2 weeks for this lovely treatment on a regular basis)

Motto for this week, being mindful of things I do, say and not be overly sensitive but not to either be insensitive to the needs of others', to be mindful of my thoughts, to be mindful of the the food I eat.......(all else except for hot chocolattttaaa and dark chocolate....... ;P) finding the balance to live, play, rest and work.
In any case, I've got a hot cup of milo (yes, right now at 1am) and Candy's chocolate brownies...yum, yum....It's all Shri........well, kinda of'.........

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Live in Love, Ubud, Bali

I went to Bali with no expectations, hoping I might have made the trip shorter by not thinking too much about it. I have never been good in my travels to foreign places, height, airplanes, take off's and landing's have never been my forte. But the yoga retreat and immersion with Desiree Rumbaugh was so deep and meaningful in every way possible...I felt I grew too attached to the place and people itself. Everyday was a new meaning to me, being with people I hardly knew and connecting myself to their experiences prooved challenging but uplifting. It's by their wisdom and knowledge of life that has helped me immensely to 'grow' spiritually and mentally stronger in my own character and faith.

I met Nicole, on our first day at the retreat. We decided to share the room I was staying in and living with her for two weeks has helped me see the greater side of all things regardless of the situation. I always thought I was laid back and pretty much the 'wiser' but she has taught me to show 'humility' for all things and her positive outlook on life is amazing. I have never met anyone as positive as her, she takes everything with a pinch of salt and embraces life with an open heart. I'm inspired to see life the way she does.

Not forgetting Carmen and Louisa from Hong Kong, ...if you ever met Louisa, you cannot help but smile when she does, she has the biggest smile that shines like the sun..and Carmen is just a groovy yoga chic, ...she even has a pose call 'Carmenasana'. Then there's Alba, Ally and Alfie from Italy...Alba, she's full of character, so expressive and a joy to be with...Ally and her mom Alfie are such inspirations to be as graceful as they are when you practice yoga. Then there's Irma from Jakarta, it was so easy to be just yourself around her cause she embraces you just as you are...she's full of warmth and ease. Ben from Shanghai, your backbends are 'out of this world'....Konstatinos from Greece, he's more than just a smile and a face, a good sense of humour when you need it the most...I would really want to see all of them again, ...setting my intentions.

Each day with Desiree R. and Andrew R. was fruitful and the insights they gave us to deepen our poses with 'ahimsa' was pretty in depth. I'm grateful and thankful I have been able to attend Desiree's classes, she is truly an inspiring teacher. The Anusara philosophy 'say to YES to life' has left an imprint on the point, my phobia with flying in airplanes 'take off's and landing's' are now second nature to my travels, I was 'okay' returning home from Bali on the plane...that to me is amazing.

The immersion was more than learning the tantra philosophy, it was the willingness to open yourself to 'grace' and to 'just be'. The energy in the retreat and immersion was a room full of people filled with intentions to learn and share, it was a community built on love and inspirations.
I'm also blessed to have met Heather & Benjy Wertheimer, there music touch and 'opened' my mind along with my heart to the place and people more so that I can imagine.

Saying goodbye to everyone was one of the hardest thing I ever did...but I'm setting my intentions to see all the dear friends I have made in the near future.

"namah shivaya om"