Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Journey to Remember

"Pilgrim, pilgrimage, and road-it was but myself toward my Self, and your arrival was but myself at my own door" Rumi

My journey into Bali this time round will always be memorable.  I travelled there without expectations, without knowing what I was going to do for one whole week.  Yes, relaxation was 'one to do' on my list, and watching Devdan was the other.  But arriving there was just a relief to my soul.  For some reason, I felt connected to the place, not because of what Bali 'should' be, but my love for everything that resided there. 

I journeyed to places: and as the saying goes," beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", and in my eyes- whether the roads were rubbles, with houses half built, crazy hustles and bustles...I saw 'colors' all around me.  The days greeted me with the morning beauty of the sun, beautifully decorated entrances, lined with pink and yellow frangipannis.  No sunrise wherever I may be, ever fails to impress me with their full light shining into the day.  And if anything else, I felt there was defintely the Divine's making, it's vast power in the mountains, waterfalls and volcanoes I felt in my heart and soul.

I felt as if the spirits of the place were dancing to the stars at night and telling me life  never ceases, it is never born, it is eternal as Sri Krishna had reminded Arjuna of his immortal nature, his real Self. And what a coincidence to be in Bali at the time when there's a full moon festival taking place.  The bright light shining brightly from the moon at night is as if to assure you there's still beauty even in the nights ahead. 

" Dont be afraid your life will end.  Be afraid that it will never begin." Grace Hansen

How would we live if we had no fear in us?  With beautiful landscapes like pictures in books to look at, Bali encouraged me to do things with courage and as if she knows the results might be something spectacular.  And yes, I got more than just spectacular.  Swimming in the reefs with the fishes in Lovina was my highlight.  I would never have done it if I had let my fears overcome me.  I've never been a fond of the sea since my last encounter with it as a kid,  having nearly drowned in the waters before.  But when I jumped into the amazing blue waters of Lovina, I saw the beauty of God's amazing work in the ocean.  Swimming above it felt like flying high in the skies.  For an exchange of mere courage to 'just be', I got more than I could ever ask for. A witness to the extraodinary beauties of the sea.  What a gift!

"What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do know" - Lord Buddha

There are things in my life that still holds me, chained to fear and lack of trying, but I'm learning to pluck up my courage to come into a place of possibilities and results that may liberate me from my comfort zone.

But whichever path I may or have taken, it's the abundance of love that's available all around me as long as I open my heart right out to reach and embrace them whenever I can. 

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray." Rumi

One dear friend always reminded me of the word 'simplicity'.  And for sure, the children in Bali reminds me of the pure joy and happiness you can have with simplicity.  Even though, life can be a little harsh or hard for the little ones there, they have this beaming exude of love shining through their eyes.  With less to possess and if willed ..more to complain, the little ones are still content with little to hold. And I feel like taking a dive in those bright eyes and rediscover their joys of life.

"Look through the eyes of the child, they have more to teach us than we can learn in a lifetime" - Anonymous.

"Always give from the overflow of your well, not from its depth"-Sufi Saying

I've learned there are no limitations to my love, not only for myself but extending them to others without judgement. 

"Through compassion you find that all human beings are just like you" Dalai Lama

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