Monday, August 11, 2008

Stay healthy with anti aging food

Visited and found some stuffs about anti aging food. Here are some you may already be taking as part of your daily intake. And they are :-

Tomatoes - It contains lycopene,an anti oxidant that helps maintain youthful skin texture and may reduce some risk of cancer (especially prostate, lung and stomach cancers) and heart disease.

Olive Oil - It is rich in anti oxidants and anti inflammatory monounsaturated fat. Again, it lowers the rate of cardiovascular disease.

Nuts - Varieties such as almonds and walnuts contain a generous helping of healthy fats, vitamins and protein that benefit cardiovascular and brain health. Nuts are also high in compounds that ease inflammation.

Red Grapes - Contains anti oxidants call resvaratrol, it has anti inflammatory and anti coagulant properties, which may explain why red wine and purple grape juice also promote heart health.

Fish - It has Omega 3 in it and helps combat inflammation in the body. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and stroke.

Ginger contains anti inflammatory compounds that reduces the risk of age related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. Plus anti oxidant substances found in onions and garlic can protect against heart disease and diabetes.

Using yoga blocks

Lately I have been using the yoga blocks to realign students posture. When I first learnt half moon pose, I balanced well on my standing foot, but I would tilt slightly towards the floor. Instead I teach the students to use the blocks while doing ardha chandrasana. This helps them from straining their lower back to carry their upper half of the back should they tilt forward.

Lord of the dance or Natarajasana, one of my favourite yoga poses, helps open the chest and hips. I like it personally cause it makes me feel 'light'.

Natural Home Cleaning

Natural Home Cleaning
Date: July 24, 2007
Written by: Amanda Denz (From Kashi e-article)

Everyone loves a clean, sparkling, fresh-smelling home. But when you look at your shiny bathtub after a good scrub, it’s possible — depending on what type of cleaner you use — that you are inhaling harmful pollutants left over from that scrubbing agent. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that levels of pollutants inside the home are easily two to five times higher than levels outdoors. Many home cleaning products greatly contribute to lowering air quality in the home. They can also leave compounds floating in the indoor air long after your cleaning spree has ended.

Conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can also be harmful to the environment. When you clean your kitchen sink and rinse that harsh solvent down the drain, where does it go? Choosing environmentally friendly alternatives not only keeps your home a healthy place for your family, but it also helps the earth.

Easy alternatives

Buying eco-friendly home cleaning products is one way to solve these problems. Another idea is to use kitchen items already in your cupboards for home cleaning. There are an astonishing number of simple, easy, and affordable ways that basic home ingredients like baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and essential oils can be used to clean, disinfect, and deodorize your home.

Baking soda. It’ a natural cleanser, deodorizer, and scrubbing agent.
Liquid soap. Mix a concentrated, eco-friendly liquid soap with other ingredients to form homemade cleaners.

Vinegar. Use it to remove grease, wax, dirt, and mildew. White distilled vinegar is usually better because cider vinegar can stain some surfaces.
Isopropyl alcohol. Pour a little on a cotton ball or paper towel to disinfect doorknobs, telephones, countertops, or any other surface (aside from wood, which it dries out).

Essential oils. Tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender oils can all disinfect as well as add a pleasant smell to your homemade cleaners.
Lemon juice. A cleaning agent on its own, it can also add a nice, clean smell to your homemade cleaners.

The recipes

All-purpose mildly abrasive cleanser. Baking soda, liquid soap, and an essential oil of your choice — tea tree, eucalyptus, or lavender —are a great team because of their disinfecting properties and combined scent. Use a generous amount of baking soda and mix in the liquid soap until you have a smooth pastelike consistency. Add a few drops of the essential oil and scrub away at your bathtub, sink, or toilet. If mold or mildew is present pretreat the area with hydrogen peroxide, and if there is grease use vinegar.

Nontoxic furniture polish. A combination of oil and vinegar works to extract dirt from furniture as well as moisturize and protect wood. Olive oil and jojoba oil are good choices, and white distilled vinegar is best because apple cider vinegar can stain. A ratio of 1 part oil to 2 parts vinegar will work, and can be adjusted depending on the finish of the wood.

Chemical-free oven cleaner. Who wants to put a rough chemical solvent in the same oven in which they will later bake food? A great alternative to conventional oven cleaners is baking soda and water. Cover the bottom of the oven with baking soda and then spray with water. Leave the mixture overnight and then spoon it out in the morning. It's that simple! Add a little lemon to the water for a fresh scent.
Keep your home’ air clean

Once you start experimenting with the ingredients above you’ll be amazed by how effective they are.

3 Days 2 Nights Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat in Langkawi

This is an opportunity to have fun, do yoga with our tirisula yoga masters, detox and relax. Wanna join in?

Langkawi, Malaysia

26 to 28 Sept 2008

Workshop Highlights:
§ Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshop

§ Aqua Yogaerobics Workshop

§ Introduction to Numerology Workshop

§ Daily Asanas and Pranayama practice, including Sunrise Yoga

§ Kids Yoga Games session

§ Meditation

Retreat Outings:

§ Langkawi Cable Car, Gunung Matchinchang

§ Seven Wells Waterfall/Durian Perringin Waterfall

§ Beaches

Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. The islands are a part of Malaysia's Kedah state, but are adjacent to the Thai border.

Pulau Langkawi's landscape is painted with marbled mountains, vast paddy fields and rural villages, miles and miles of white sandy beaches, secret caves, and pockets of virgin rainforests dating back millions of years.

Sheltered by the mountainous backbone of Peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi escapes the northeastern winter monsoon entirely and enjoys sunny skies in winter when the eastern provinces are flooded. Coupled with natural white sand beaches, lush jungle foliage and craggy mountain peaks - the island was at one time touted as "Malaysia's best-kept secret".

You will experience doing yoga with a group of yoga enthusiasts in natural surroundings. This is a value-for-money retreat with packed yoga and activities during this 3 days 2 nights program. One Fitness has been organizing Yoga Retreats for the past 3 years and the responses were overwhelming. Next page shows the itinerary of the retreat.

One of the main activities is the cable car ride. Take an exhilarating ride on the Langkawi Cable Car up the escarpment on Mount Machincang and over ancient rainforests. Sit back in awe, take in one of the world’s steepest incline rides at 42° and be enthralled by the spectacular scenery as it unfolds on this unique L-shaped route. Langkawi cable Car has the world’s longest free span for a single rope cable car at 950 metres.

SGD 350 or MYR 800 (early birds registration by 1 July 08)

SGD 400 or MYR 920 (closing date 15 Aug 08)

This includes all Yoga programs and workshops as listed above, plus accommodation, food (2 breakfast, 1 lunch and 2 dinner), entrance fee to cable car and transportation within Langkawi from start till the end of the program. Price excludes transportation to/fro Langkawi, insurance, room service, additional food and beverages and personal expenses.

For additional info, please visit

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