Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Blues

My sis and nephews left last Friday for UK and eversince then, the house has been immensely quiet. So quiet, the silence is deafening. I miss the kids so much! Anyhow, it has been a good weekend. Did spend a few hours cleaning out the wardrobe. It was funny watching Pete try on his old clothes. Some of his pants were pretty tight, it made him look ........I dare not say. Anyhow, we collected a few bags of unwanted stuffs. M not sure what to do with them since there aren't any charity shops. That was one good thing in UK, charity shops! Things don't get thrown away, instead recycled for somebody else's use.

Today's class at Tasek Lama was funny. The students look ready for the session and I thought it would be good to work them through their paces. Half way through the class, two of the students started looking distracted and was in little episodes of giggles. One of them asked," Jac, are you in a bad mood? You're tough on us today...." I was surprised at her remark but I couldn't help but laugh along with them. (Yes Kaye, I agree, should have gone to Country Patch instead :0)

I think it was a bit of both. Being nostalgic about my nephews not being here with me and trying too hard to focus. I was determined to keep with the pace and I guess it was me trying to refrain the child pose. Maybe the child pose reminded too much of my nephews. Sorry guys!!!

But glad we all had the giggles together.