Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Yoga in Light

The powercut lasted for a few days and it was amazing to see how dependent we were on electricity! Nearly most businesses were closed for days and some houses didn't have water supply. Supermarkets and schools were closed too.

We were supposed to have a dinner party after yoga on the 22nd Jan and I was hoping the lights would come back 'on' again. But by 5pm, I knew I had to rush out to the shops to get myself some tealights. Well, I didn't, but Elaine did. We probably lighted up 80 tealight candles. I also decided to get some batteries for the radio to get some background music going. So, at 6pm, it was already getting dim but the students were all set and ready to do yoga despite of the circumstances. It was amazing. I think the candles set an ambience of peace and tranquility that got the students in a great yoga flow from one pose to the next. Such great focus!!!

I felt a little sad that it was the last class I conducted for Seraphina in 'the' studio. But everyone has been such an amazing support and I am truly, deeply grateful.

We had such healthy snacks for the party after. Chicken quiches, water melon, vegetable spring rolls, pitta bread with humous and lots of fruit juices.

And thanks for tremendous and wonderful support I got from everyone. I think when everything else is filled with ups and downs, the only way you get through it is to count the blessings in life and to keep going forward. And yes, I will 'keep on' looking for another studio and meanwhile, I will continue teaching. Big hugs and looking forward to seeing you in February 16th.