Monday, July 13, 2009

Pre Natal Yoga

I have been asked several times about pre-natal yoga, the truth is ....and here it is guys...the ultimate truth...I don't really feel I'm ready to teach it cause I haven't had one of those munchkins yet. Believe me, I want to, just the incubator is waiting for the 'telur' to 'masak'. Yes, in english, waiting for D Egg to cook. Can I say that? Okay, in any case, I have the certification for it and yes, I have attended the course for it, but who am I to say, " Ladies, take deep breaths and feel your belly rise, feel the 'prana' flowing inwardly into your child within, ....and so in the course of your labour, you will remember me saying.......Inhale, prana....exhale, less pain...." Bet one of the pregnant mums will throw a pillow at me and say," ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!!?"

I'm a woman yet to experience where NO MAN has stepped into yet and has no clue what the pregnant mums feel like till I have one of my own in my belly. I would just feel like a big liar if I said to you, " Come on, ladies. Just hold the tree pose for another few more breaths, just feel 'floaty' light in your belly." Bet you one of the mummies will swing her towel at my face and say," You try and carry this belly and see how long you can sway like a tree!"

Okay, I am exaggerating, the other reason why I don't conduct the classes as yet besides not experiencing it is .....I truly....truly....don't have the resources.

Yup, yup, want to experience it first then say...."Hold and extend for another 5 breaths ....and yes, I know you can cause I have done, just a little longer......"......AH HA!!!! Then no mummies are going to crucify me ..........Just kidding guys...

On the bright side, if you really want to try some pre natal yoga, there are a few pre natal video I recommend...There's one with Shiva Rea or Jennifer Wolfe. (

Like all home workouts, do consult your doctor before attempting it. There are so many types of yoga out there and you might just want to sit through the workout before doing it. At least you have a brief idea what you'll be doing.

I'm pretty sure I have seen some pre natal pilates dvd's in video shops in Brunei too. The picture below is one of the dvd's I have seen sold here. end off on a positive side, I do intend to teach pre natal yoga in the near future, just waiting for the flower to get pollinated. Till then, good luck new mummies out there.....