Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little Pleasures and Surprises

Hi everyone,

Haven't been blogging awhile. Had been unwell as well for the past two weeks and managed to recover in the last few days. Ya, a lot of gunk came out thru' the nasal passage (hee! hee! being polite and all). But what a luxury it is to be able to finally breathe thru' my nose again. What other stuff have I been up to? Well, lots of lying in bed, watching Weeds in bed. Pretty funny and not for 'young' eyes to view. I rate it parental guidance.....

So, what else? My birthday's coming up and am hoping I will have an Abba karaoke night. Pete's dreading it. Love Meryl Streeps in Mamma Mia. Been playing the tracks in my car a lot on the way to work. On my wishlist, to do scorpion pose without the wall, have a 'magic' yoga mat that cleans on its own each time I use it, get new reading glasses, to get more sleeeeeeeeeeeepppppp, ....there are more, but I don't dare to put it on the web yet. Have to get it first,...ya, how sad, I am getting it for myself, (from me to me gift) and then let ya know.

Ps.....I have a new instructor, Raquel who's just joined me at Seraphina. She's really cool, able to do yogalates, cardio workouts and aero dances. So, if you're interested, do join us for some fun!!!! I have placed her timetable in the website. It's so nice to have some one to be 'there' to practice yoga with. Plus I FINALLY get to be a yoga student again in Raquel's class. WOOHOO!!!! The little pleasures I find in life. Ahhhhhhhh.....

Well, see you later alligators.............xoxo :P

Yoga Outing at Tasek Lama

Candy C. doing the handstand with me in downward facing dog.
Me, balancing in upward (or downward :P) bowpose with Peter. And yes, my fear of heights is still there.