Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Year, A New Start

I jumped the guns and took the opportunity to open a yoga studio. It has been challenging eversince the start, but I think the challenges were there to tell me to not ever give up no matter what. I believe things happen for a reason even if it seems unclear what the reason may be at first. I know all the undertakings in the past year has only made me stronger as a person. I may have bawled my eyes out, screamed frantically at the top of my lungs into the pillow and Pete saw the worse in me in the last two months. But now, I think it's not that bad. I'm still alive.
Day by day, I have learned to exhale all the anger and frustrations out. I have learned that everything changes and as long as I have passion for what I believe in, I will survive anything.
So, here it is. Seraphina will be closed on the 26th January 2008. I will be working freelance at D'Music Motion Fitness Studio, Unit 1C, 1st Floor, Lot 47320, Simpang 41-1-12, Jalan Kiarong, same block as Lim Seck Chong sundry shop. D' Music Motion tel no:2450341. We will start mid February.

I'm going to pack up all the floorings, fans, air conditioners, mirrors away in the garage. Save up some cash and hopefully, in the near future, reopen my studio again.

There's a special class this coming Thursday,22nd January at 6pm to 7pm. All beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are welcomed. We are having a dinner party after. Please bring a dish each if you plan to join us.

Peter said to me,"You're losing materials and four walls. You still have your freedom to teach yoga anywhere in the world and no one can take that."

Smile, Stand, Love,

Release, Chill, Let Go, Be Free,

Courage, Understand,

Words of Encouragement, Positive Affirmation,

Dreams, Truth, Journey,

May our minds meet again..........

Ashtanga within your Heart

I get a lot of students asking me what Ashtanga Yoga's all about. It's very much different from a Hatha Vinyasa flow. The poses folds in deeper and most of them are pretty challenging. I remembered practicing it in full with Sean Corne and I at tears by the end of it.

Ashtanga yoga was created by yoga master, Patthabi Jois. It consists of a set series of poses done in a vinyasa(old indian language meaning 'flow') style. The Ashtanga style stresses on Ujjayi Breaths, Mula Bandha, Uddhiyana Bandha and Dristis. Bandhas are locks created by squeezing your pelvic floor muscles (Mula) and drawing the tummy into the spine(Uddhiyana). Dristis are where your eyes gazes at, in other words, your focus of attention when you're performing the poses.

Here's a good explanation on ashtanga:-

And click here as explaine by David Swensen

About the Ashtanga Series of Poses

The first or primary series, called Yoga Chikitsa, is described in Yoga Mala. Yoga Chikitsa, which means yoga therapy, realigns the spine, detoxifies the body, and builds strength, flexibility and stamina. The series of about 75 poses takes an hour and a half to two hours to complete, beginning with sun salutations (surya namaskara A and surya namaskara B) and moving on to standing poses, seated poses, inversions and backbends before relaxation.

The intermediate or second series is called Nadi Shodana, meaning nervous system purification. It cleanses and strengthens the nervous system and the subtle energy channels throughout the body. This series is only introduced when the primary series is strong. It follows the same progression (sun salutations, standing, sitting etc.) as the primary series, but introduces new poses and variations.

The four advanced series are called Sthira Bhaga, which means divine stability. Pattabhi Jois originally outlined two intensive advanced series, but later subdivided them into four series to make them accessible to more people. These series emphasize difficult arm balances and are only appropriate for extremely advanced students.

I do feel that I create the flow in what I think feels right and good for the students. There are reasons behind following the set series of poses in Ashtanga but knowing me, I'm not one to follow rules. I believe like in life, there are different paths to follow, and it's up to us to decide what feels right. My philosophy is, 'just go along with the flow'.........................