Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wishlist comes true

I'm having my birthday in a week and already it's been a great week. Been at Gadong mall lately and love Shabby Chic. So have been into Scrapbooking lately. Am playing around with the Slice gadget my dear hubby got me. Pretty cool stuff, it cuts out pretty much loads of lovely shapes.

But that wasn't the only thing keeping me away from blogging. Have been spending my free time teaching 'soon to be' yoga teachers who will be on their way to Patrick Creelman in Hong Kong this December. How exciting! Wish I was going along with them.

In any case, we had a kitchen demo this morning in my parents home. It's the Tmix Kitchen Chef gadget, it grates, mince, kneads, cooks, steams and blends!!! I invited Aunty Faridah and Diana P. since they both love cooking, and it was an instant love from first sight! But the best surprise was when my mum told me she got a Tmix for my coming birthday. I was so super excited, I gave her such a tight hug!! What a super mum.

See, I'm moving out to Telanai in probably a month or two...and my dear mum was thinking of who's going to cook..well, (and I admit, am spoilt having lived with my parents, my dad cooks all the time....he used to be achef before) mum didn't want me to 'doggy bag' all the she got me the kitchen deluxe Tmix. I'm feeling a lot of Bhakti yoga love from everyone around me.....ahhhhh, what a feeling.

I'm looking forward to Christmas, December will be an exciting month! Get to see Desiree Rumbaugh in Taiwan, maybe and possibly moving to a new house, my sister arriving with my nephews end! Just looking forward to everything!

P.S Love 'This Is It' ...MJ is an artist in true light...