Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yoga Workshop in Om Place Studio

It was my very first yoga workshop, aiming to introduce some anusara to the students.  I could tell the students were ready to embrace the teaching, but whether they were ready to embrace anusara as a way to integrate into their yoga practice was another question.  I prepared myself prior to the workshop on what I thought I might say and what I could teach on.  Thinking 2 hours was plenty, I actually planned to teach the students surya namaskara applying the primary principles of anusara.  It was hard work!!! I was sweating through, trying to explain, demonstrate and teach.  And this was just only the beginning.  It felt like the workshop was only 15 minutes and before I realised, my 2 hours were over due. I still wanted to continue teaching the standing poses applying anusara.  Aiyayai!!!

We discussed about 'inner and outer spiral', scooping the tailbone, side body long and lifting at the heart.  And yes, there were definitely laughs, but more importantly an understanding to practice mindfully, create consciousness, integrate the feeling of 'oneness', a flow of grace from the heart and to create stability and freedom in the pose.
All in all, I think it went well and I'm definitely planning to do more yoga workshops in reference to anusara.  Experiencing anusara has helped me to embrace and celebrate life not just on the mat but off the mat too.  It has helped take me to that 'place' of remembrance, to inner strength, courage, strength and growth, spreading the delight I have gathered, expressing it through my poses. There's so much to share and connect with the students, I'm just hoping it'll be a continue growth for them as I feel it has been for me.