Friday, September 5, 2008

The Charm of Crystal Balls and Bracelets

A reminder to all about the Crystal Workshop tomorrow. It's held here in Seraphina Studio at 2pm. Let me know if you are interested in joining. See ya!

The Blue

I was cleaning up the studio this morning, the sun was shining in through the windows and it felt nice. Rozi's paintings looked amazing, especially The Blue. The sparkles in it caught the sunlight and I just stood there awhile, looking at the intricate work Rozi has put into it.

Rozi has brilliant art work and if you like to see more of it, you can visit her art work at

This week's Om

I receive daily doses of Om articles in my hotmail account and tend to pick just one for the week to concentrate on. I chooses the title that catches my attention and it happens to be this title 'Staying open and fluid'. It was perfect for my weekly Om.

Staying open and fluid talks about being able to form opinions and inner guidance without confusing them with judgement. A lot of the times when we judge, we end up with negative experience. Judgement finalizes the thoughts to a final decree whereas inner guidance and having an opinion helps us navigate a situation. "Listening to our intuition and forming opinions are both positive outcomes of our ability to interpret the information that comes our way. "

Be weary that being judgmental close us down instead of opening us up; opinions have a lighter quality and are amenable to change. Once a judgment has been made, there is no more conversation or consideration, whereas opinions invite further debate.

This year has been a real challenge. For me, it's the change of career from a nurse to a yoga teacher. I had people judging me for my decision. And I still do. My friends thought I was wasting my nursing skills and when I started teaching yoga, I had people who slagged me off for not being good enough.

Did it put me down? Yup. But I realize judgement comes from insecurity. Perhaps, the change in my career has worried my friends and if I choose to see it that way, I won't have felt so bogged down by their opinions. And for those who thought me differently as a yoga teacher, well, sorry, my say to that is 'you just can't please everyone'.

I am judgmental at times, especially when I'm feeling insecure. I become all defensive and sarcastic. I have come to realise that words hurt if you relay that information directly or indirectly. So, yes, the best thing to do is to bring awareness into the things you say out loud to somebody. Instead, use that opinion to relect it on yourself.