Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wishing Ikuyo and Maki All The Best

Susan P.(Far Left) Ikuyo L.(Left), Meself, Maki S.(Right)

20th November at 9.30am :  Arrived at the airport to wish Ikuyo and Maki all the best for the teaching training course with Patrick Creelman in Hong Kong.  Both of them were set and ready to go.  Maki was a little 'over' her check in luggage weight, but she managed to pack some of her stuffs away into her hand carrier bag.  Maki's daughter, Hanako, was there with her dad, David to bid their farewells.  It was definitely exciting to see them leaving for the TTC but little Hanako didn't look that happy when Maki headed for the departure gates.  

21st November 9pm : Received text from the girls in HK.  Both are well and have survived their first day.  Seems like they are having fun by the way they've both typed out their text messages.  Om Namah Shivayah.

Side note.......  :O)  I am so happy for Maki and Ikuyo's decision to become yoga teachers.  A path that's challenging in so many ways, but they have both set their dreams and goals in ways I have only assisted.  It was their own initiation and their own self-determination that has given them this opportunity to do the teacher training course.  I admire their tenacity and their drives to always know more about the yoga philosophy and their maturity has grace them well into potentially 'good yoga teachers' .  

It's not been that easy for the past year for the girls.  They have family commitment , little children to attend to, and even other obstacles that would have stopped them from pursuing their dreams.  As a teacher, I only guided and morally support them the best way I know how.  But I believe it's through their family support, love and their own inspirations that they have achieve and deserve their journey in the yogic path. 

I  will keep them in my thoughts and keep wishing them the best ........