Saturday, April 23, 2011

Would like to thank all of the yoga students, friends and family who have all helped to contribute and donate money to Japan.  Your donation has helped to support rescue efforts to locate and help people swept away by the waters, provide fresh water, food and medical treatment to the injured, and bring families and communities back together.

                                             Thank you.................

Yogi Bliss Health & Spa

The wait is nearly over.  All the chasing around business with paperworks has 'come through' nicely.  The feelings I have is indescribable.  It is really true when people say, " when one door close, another one opens".  After the lost of Seraphina studio, I didn't think I would open another studio again.  But truly, I do believe God has his place in making this wish come true.  And eventhough it was hard to let go of Seraphina, I got to do many things after,  I travelled to yoga workshops, met great people and the path lead me to new beginnings ...and now...Yogi Bliss Health & Spa is happening! 

Our Next Move

Please take note: I will be taking leave on 9th May till 20th June, and in the process we will prepare our move to the new yoga studio in Gadong. While I'm away, Maki and Kristie will be taking over my classes from the 9th May till 2nd June. Then there will be no yoga classes from 6th till 20th June. Classes will resume on 21st June in DMM studio. I will keep you posted when we move to Yoga Bliss Health & Spa studio. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

Classes By Maki from 9th to 12th May
Classes By Kristie from 16th May till 2nd June

**The classes are weekdays Monday to Thursday, no classes on Saturday till 19th June**