Thursday, October 15, 2009

A break from blogging......just for a while......

I haven't been filling the blog for a few weeks, and the truth is I feel like I'm having a mental block with blogging.  I guess my blogger 'time out' has also given 'me' time to do other things like reading books that I should have read months ago, cleaning out my oversized wardrobe, writing emails to distant friends, watching my favourite movies, e.t.c

My latest yoga news was doing Vincent Tam's workshop.
It was intense.  The flow sequences he creates in each workshop is enough to make one lose weight in just less than two days.  It was interesting to see arm balancing poses he did, it was done with poise and steadiness.  Honest truth, I ached as much as the students when the workshops were over. His inversions are not for the 'light hearted'.

Guiding Wan Ching into Handstand.

Besides sweating out in yogasanas, it was really nice to get all dressed up in an evening dress (which I haven't done do in a long, long, long time) to Pete's company annual dinner at the Empire theatre.  The table settings were nice and I was pretty impressed with the stage show performed by local talents.  Had this 6 or 7 year old kid playing the violin accompanied by Lily Chiam from Expression Music.  This kid was super talented, she was the mini version of Vanessa Mae.  In any case, I was busy stuffing my face with cakes from the buffet table.  Yup, after 6 hours of Vincent's hard core yoga, I needed sweets to boost my energy level.

P.S Grey's Anatomy is all tears, tears, tears for Season 6.  You really need a box of tissues for the first 3 episodes at least.  ..........sigh..........George O unfair.....