Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thoughts For Today

GLEE....If you had a teacher like Will, you take up music any day even if you couldn't sing.  But it would be a real killer to have a P.E teacher like Sue....Tough, tough, tough.  

Earth hour last night, ...........thought hubby was kidding when he said we had to switched off everything for an hour........couldn't see what 'mackeroos' I had on my dinner plate.....hubby then reminded me of my 'non-environmental friendly' four range drive Toyota I have.  Not something a yoga teacher (who cares about the world) will drive, he says.  My reply..," If there was a flood, my car would probably save 6 to 8 people while I drive us to the safest destination.  That's why I'm keeping it."  He says," But if there's a BIG flood, you probably won't save anyone let alone you."  I don't argue, never argue with Peter... kept quiet and placed my cutleries aside to use my hands .....spaghetti are hard to scoop up.......Earth hour should happen when we are sleeping ...........