Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Awe of the Love

It's been an awesome three days.  I am overwhelmed with love and affections from friends and families, here and everywhere.   As I planned my birthday dinner party, I thought of the special night I could share with people I love and care in my life.  And the response was very much 'dito' back to me in unmeasured gestures and presence.  And some gifts do take your breath away.  Maki, .....thank you very much for the picture you drew of me.  When I peeled the wrapper away, I was just lost for words.  You have captured the essence of a gift from your heart and I am truly grateful for the time and effort you taken to draw the portrait.

When January 2010 came about, I wanted to tread into the year quietly.  Instead, I went through a lot of 'ups and downs', discovered some things that felt discouraging and defeating.   The things I had secretly planned and expected results didn't really come to light.  But as time went on, I understood some reasons why.  Some still not as clear.  But that's okay.  I've learnt I will understand soon enough.   It has taken some courage to approach the most challenging emotions with 'grace' and 'love'.  Some with a fight of despair and desperation of self doubt with personal growth.  But I realise there's one thing that has never failed to amaze me while I have been going through such process.  My loving God that resides in my heart and soul has always been there for me.  There are times when I know there are things in life I can always ask for and even if it doesn't happen, He has better plans for me.  And his love definitely shows in the hands of the people around me.

So, even when things have not gone as quietly and smoothly, the ride along the year has been interesting, sometimes crazy and some days ...profound joy.  But all along, I have not been alone in my travels, friends and families have shown me such true measures of support and love that's never ending.  And for that I'm truly thankful.....................