Monday, November 17, 2008

Radiotalk With Izan

All I could think of this morning was a nice breakfast at Country Patch. My tummy was rumbling half way through the sun salutations and as soon as class was over, Elaine (my cousin) and I went over to C P. I like C P, very nice atmosphere, even as you are sitting outside on the porch. We ran into a couple of friends (It always feels like living in a village where everyone knows EVERYONE) and Izan happened to be there too. Good promo for C P. Elaine introduced me to her, and I jumped at the opportunity of asking Izan if she'd be interested in interviewing me. She was very friendly and funny. Such a warm hearted character. I told her I would like to address issues in regards to people's general perception of yoga especially on whether yoga is a religion. She scheduled me in this Thursday at 8 to 9am.

I was so happy about it that I didn't think much about it till now. I'm thinking I hope I say the right things. It's not as if you can rehearse interviews or imagine what your interviewer may asked you. So, having a bit of 'butterflies' in the tummy now.

Nora R. has done such a good job over the past years at promoting yoga and clarifying what yoga is in her website. I do think yoga is more well known in Brunei in the past years due to her efforts and determination to share yoga with others. I am continuing her support to yoga as I feel it's important people should be generally aware this is not just a fashion trend, sport or competition, but yoga is there to help tone muscle and build an overall sense of well being with the body and mind. It's not something that you can just easily do in one day. The movements are like art itself, it takes time to condition the body. The best thing about yoga is you always feel a sense of calmness and serenity during and after the session. Okay, maybe you would sweat it out and wishing the sun salutations would just 'end there'. But it's the after effects that gives you the 'good feel' factor.

Well, hopefully people will tune in and listen in. And cross fingers, I won't jumble my words up!

See ya later alligators!!