Monday, September 14, 2009

Realigning with the Universe

I'm so happy, just found out I'll be seeing a dear friend, Nicole, (distant by sea) in December.  To my delight, we'll both be doing Immersion II (Anusara with Desiree Rumbaugh) in Taipei.  Nicole is someone who's left an impression on me, always reminding to open my heart to grace and flow of life.  I do believe in meeting people for a reason, they are the ones that shape our life, making a difference to what we think.  And some friends we meet along our journey were the ones we might have met in our 'past lives' (maybe) and have re-met , or re-connect, to help us find the 'light' and 'inspirations' along the way.  Things don't happen without a reason.

In the workshop (Sunday 13th Sept), I explain to the students how sometimes life doesn't happen the way you imagine or expect it to be.  There won't be any rhyme or reason to the situation and you would have thought or imagine life to be unfair.  But if you choose to open your heart to 'grace', you learn life has a way of re-aligning you with the Universe.

When we practice yogasanas (the poses), we can try to re-connect ourselves to the Universe through the poses.  Instead of going into the poses immediately, perhaps we could gather the energy we have around us, directing the 'prana' into our center.  And from that 'center', we start to engage the 'energy' into our feet, our legs, our arms, our hands and feel the intrinsic goodness in ourselves.  We could also soften our 'heart' to the world, reconnecting as well as realigning our inner and outer 'being' to the Universe.  A feeling of 'oneness'.

Feeling 'connected' to what we do in life and visualizing the 'bigger' picture that's waiting for us, we might perhaps be more open to the flow of life without resistance or being too 'pushy'.  We probably feel better in ourselves to 'let go' and not feel we have to be in 'control' all the time.  Cause learning to 'open' to grace, we feel the freedom and stability that gives us that utmost happiness and respect for all life.

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