Saturday, September 5, 2009

Resonating with Life

5 days back in Brunei and, the thought of Desiree and Andrew's Bali retreat still stays fresh in my memory. I'm still in awe of how much I have learnt during the stay in Ubud, and am keen to share my learnings with the, I have organised a 2 hour workshop on the 13th September at 3pm, will be working on shoulders, hip openings and arm balancings....the response has been great so far. So, plans for tomorrow, waking up early to practice in heart and mind, play Benjy & Heather's music (it's the only music I play in the car whilst I'm driving these days), and breathing in the space of 'sheer' delight of just being back home in Brunei.

In the past week, students in the class have been absorbing my words, placing those words into their poses, and flowing into the vinyasa with grace and inner body strength. I admire their tenacity to learn more with whatever I can teach them, and their willingness of the heart is my motivation as a teacher, to help them delve deeper into their practice.

It's strange how I thought I might have lost the feeling of being 'connected' to my inner self and having to meet with 'reality', I thought I would have got back to the 'old' me. But up till now, each and everytime I wake up, when I get out of bed, I'm already thinking what life has in stored for me, embracing it with open arms knowing everything has a place and sitting in a comfort zone is not an option I choose, I take a step forward to list things I normally avoid, kinda like the 'Yes Man'.

So here it is, back in the retreat, I was so positive in everything (kinda really can't help oozing in positiveness when Nicole S. is around you), and now it's time to place those thoughts into action, finding my balance, setting my intentions. It's already started off before I set foot into the plane from Bali, and I have braved the take off's and landing's. I have even said 'yes' to things I never imagined I would have in this life saying I'll go swim in the waters at the beach..Peter was so surprised, he said," Are you sure you're my wife? What have you done with Jac?"

Peter's so sweet, he made me a nice spaghetti bolognese for yesterday's lunch and made me a fruit salad after, he took us for dinner after and drove us back while I slept off in the car......(maybe I have to be elsewhere for another 2 weeks for this lovely treatment on a regular basis)

Motto for this week, being mindful of things I do, say and not be overly sensitive but not to either be insensitive to the needs of others', to be mindful of my thoughts, to be mindful of the the food I eat.......(all else except for hot chocolattttaaa and dark chocolate....... ;P) finding the balance to live, play, rest and work.
In any case, I've got a hot cup of milo (yes, right now at 1am) and Candy's chocolate brownies...yum, yum....It's all Shri........well, kinda of'.........

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