Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Live in Love, Ubud, Bali

I went to Bali with no expectations, hoping I might have made the trip shorter by not thinking too much about it. I have never been good in my travels to foreign places, height, airplanes, take off's and landing's have never been my forte. But the yoga retreat and immersion with Desiree Rumbaugh was so deep and meaningful in every way possible...I felt I grew too attached to the place and people itself. Everyday was a new meaning to me, being with people I hardly knew and connecting myself to their experiences prooved challenging but uplifting. It's by their wisdom and knowledge of life that has helped me immensely to 'grow' spiritually and mentally stronger in my own character and faith.

I met Nicole, on our first day at the retreat. We decided to share the room I was staying in and living with her for two weeks has helped me see the greater side of all things regardless of the situation. I always thought I was laid back and pretty much the 'wiser' but she has taught me to show 'humility' for all things and her positive outlook on life is amazing. I have never met anyone as positive as her, she takes everything with a pinch of salt and embraces life with an open heart. I'm inspired to see life the way she does.

Not forgetting Carmen and Louisa from Hong Kong, ...if you ever met Louisa, you cannot help but smile when she does, she has the biggest smile that shines like the sun..and Carmen is just a groovy yoga chic, ...she even has a pose call 'Carmenasana'. Then there's Alba, Ally and Alfie from Italy...Alba, she's full of character, so expressive and a joy to be with...Ally and her mom Alfie are such inspirations to be as graceful as they are when you practice yoga. Then there's Irma from Jakarta, it was so easy to be just yourself around her cause she embraces you just as you are...she's full of warmth and ease. Ben from Shanghai, your backbends are 'out of this world'....Konstatinos from Greece, he's more than just a smile and a face, a good sense of humour when you need it the most...I would really want to see all of them again, ...setting my intentions.

Each day with Desiree R. and Andrew R. was fruitful and the insights they gave us to deepen our poses with 'ahimsa' was pretty in depth. I'm grateful and thankful I have been able to attend Desiree's classes, she is truly an inspiring teacher. The Anusara philosophy 'say to YES to life' has left an imprint on me....to the point, my phobia with flying in airplanes 'take off's and landing's' are now second nature to my travels, I was 'okay' returning home from Bali on the plane...that to me is amazing.

The immersion was more than learning the tantra philosophy, it was the willingness to open yourself to 'grace' and to 'just be'. The energy in the retreat and immersion was a room full of people filled with intentions to learn and share, it was a community built on love and inspirations.
I'm also blessed to have met Heather & Benjy Wertheimer, there music touch and 'opened' my mind along with my heart to the place and people more so that I can imagine.

Saying goodbye to everyone was one of the hardest thing I ever did...but I'm setting my intentions to see all the dear friends I have made in the near future.

"namah shivaya om"

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