Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guinness World Record 2010

Lee Redmond & Melvin Boothe from US
         Longest Fingernails (8 to 9 meters) (...Ewwwww :p)

Veronica Torr, New Zealand, Fastest Hurdle With Swim Fins (Cool!)
100 meters in 19.278 seconds

Most Pierced Woman, Elaine Davidson, 4225 Piercings..(Ouch!)

Shortest Mobile Living Adult is He Ping Ping from China (74.61cm)  ...(He looks soooooo small!)

Oldest Guy at 115 years old revered monk, Luang Phu Supha, Thailand
World's Largest Pie Fight, in front of ABC Studio, New York ( What a waste of food! :p)
Tallest Man, Sultan Kosen from Turkey at 8ft 1in ( Aiyayayai!!!)

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