Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Night in Singapore.............

I stayed with a friend in Singapore, in one of those high rise flat. I have stayed in hotels way high up, but far in a few. My friend's flat was probably the first one I have been where I felt it was ' too high up'. Being so high up did make me felt queasy when I took a look down from his window. The fear of falling comes all rushing back in a sweep when I look out into the city. It is a bit noisy even from high above but the view was spectacular (even if I do have a phobia about heights). Yes, I don't like flying in aeroplanes. Multiple toilet visits are necessary before boarding the plane. (As a yoga teacher, I am trying to get over my fears slowly, especially when I go into headstand. )

I took a picture of the city in the night and am glad it turned out well in the photo. The view was nice to look at. The darkness in the night took the fear of height away, couldn't really see the ground much and the little lights below were comforting. I guess, it doesn't look as overwhelming during the day when the ground below is more visible and looks as if it would just swallow you up.

Well, I hope to see Singapore soon again. Seane Corn's workshop is just around the 1st August. Looking forward to it. ........and back again to the Lion City................................once more

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