Monday, July 7, 2008

Baddha Vinyasa With Kenny Meitei in Singapore

Baddha Vinyasa with Kenny Meitei in Singapore was very interesting. I didn't think you could bind and lock your arms anymore than what he showed us in the workshops. At some point during the session, I did get myself all knotted up but it was good fun and challenging. Kenny Meitei was very expressive in body language as an instructor rather than verbally but we knew what he meant.
The tricky bit was went he got us to do 'Pavritta Trikonasana' doing baddha with our arms and hands at the same time into one legged Bakasana. Yes, I think I looked more like a turkey with one leg up rather than a graceful swan.
There were all sorts of people of different races and ages joining the workshop. All in all, there were approximately 60 students.
I have brought back the same asanas into my class and like me, they too found it challenging but real fun. ................

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