Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Yogini & Teacher

It was an intense two weeks training of yoga in Kuala Lumpur. Literally, it was eat, breathe, sleep and live yoga 24/7. I felt I was enrolled into 'boot' camp. But am glad I did it. It taught me discipline and endurance I never had before. There were two other girls with me doing the same course. They were from Maldives. They had such resilience and determination to just 'keep on going' no matter what.

We learnt tough yoga moves from just what may look like simple postures. Every muscle was engage whether it was a standing posture, sitting posture, supine posture or prone posture. But the most important thing was to focus on the breathing. To be able to control the movement with synchronisation to the breaths. Meditation was the bonus point for me. I loved it. The stillness, the 'being' in the present moment.

Overall, I never felt more sure, relieved, healthy and rejuvenated after being in Tirisula Yoga. Both Masters, Paalu and Wei Ling have truly placed their faith, hope and effort in me and the other two girls, am so grateful to have them as my gurus.

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