Thursday, November 27, 2008

Really, Why are the Chinese skinny?

Just came across this article from the Straits time and British writer Lorraine Clissold set out to discover what it was that kept the Chinese so skinny when they were eating large, delicious meals, while she and her British and American counterparts were suffering on bland salads and still not managing to lose weight.

Overall, she came to conclusion Chinese eat meals that are nutritious with vegetables as a 'must' for most dishes at dinner tables. Also the meals are simple but tasty at the same time. She went on to say most chinese people eat things to nourish the whole body, rather than being concerned with just its outer shape, which is the case with many Western diet regimes.

Surprisingly, Clissold made a research and her findings was that the Chinese actually consume 30 per cent more calories than Westerners but stay 20 per cent slimmer, a claim originally made by T Colin Campbell in The China Study, a comprehensive survey that examined the link between diet and disease in China and other countries.

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