Sunday, March 11, 2012

Benjamin Finnerty's Yoga Workshop, Brunei

It has been busy for the last two days at Yogi Bliss Studio, with so much information to assimilate, absorb and understand from Benjamin.  From day one, the students learnt how to integrate and engage their muscles effectively in each asana.  Benjamin was patient and his good sense of humor made the students feel at ease during the workshops, which helped to build a student - teacher relationship pretty quickly.

On day two, Benjamin then lead us into our meditational class.  The turnout was great and the students followed through Ben's soothing voice.  There was a glow on everyone's faces when the session ended, and the response from most was, " Hey Jac, when will be able to invite Ben back for more teachings?"

Well, the workshops has been successful, so I would say Ben will be back with us soon enough.

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